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Tools for a humane workplace.


Get down to what really matters.

MAUL №5 

Designed for the tech writing and software engineering industry, MAUL №5 gives executives and their teams the tools to inspire & encourage your people, break through long-standing expensive problems and set up a Continuous BrainOps Development system for a productive, efficient and human organization culture.


Dramatically increase your Return on Investment in marketing and online sales. For any KPI, hard or soft—even the immeasurably important ones like time, effort and trust.

Brain to Text to Brain 

Authentic, organic copy that does its work.

The Content Shrinks 

Reduce costs by insourcing content strategy, creation and curation. Produce content that drives sales by using existing know-how and internal talent. Make work flow more easily within and across teams. Recruit and retain happy, productive employees.

Resilience Rocks 

Make your Life a Perfect Storm.

Transcultural Marketing 

Branding and marketing services to span neighborhoods, countries, or the globe.


Straight from the horses’ mouths: Keynotes, panels and lectures for corporate events, conferences and trade fairs. Well-structured, profound and without a trace of seriousness or celebrity attitudes.