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Self-Optimization: Taking the In out of Insanity

Higher, faster, further, flawless-er, better team player, more authentic, fork always on the left and back straight while eating! — Delivering high-quality work is rather easy if you follow standards and guidelines; becoming a high-quality person however is much more complicated: After all, there is no QA department for thoughts or emotions, although they make up the foundation of our quality of life, and, consequentially, the quality of our work.

In the very human quest to improve oneself (and one’s self), many get lost in a confusingly large and ever-growing self-improvement market filled with thousands of books, blogs, lectures, courses and “life hacks.” For anyone who wants to become more of who they want to be, finding out where to start turns into a problem of its own.

This workshop is aimed at helping participants achieve a balance between optimizing themselves and staying authentic. It provides a framework that helps you smoothly sail instead of stumble through your work day, and presents tools to achieve this without turning into a robot.

Available as: Consulting, Workshop, Speaking Event.

As software developers, we are skeptical of coaching and coaches. We don’t want sugarcoaters, but clear instructions, structure and concrete measures and tools. Thanks to a valuable recommendation, we came across Mathias and, after consulting with the teams, decided to work with him. This turned out to be a good decision: Mathias is no sugarcoater. Across all roles, he directed us flawlessly with clarity, structure, and empathy. During an extensive workshop, he helped us untangle a very challenging decision. His preparation and follow-up work were outstanding. Through his work, the teams strengthened trust among themselves and towards leadership. Mathias helped management pave the way towards growing organically, and we will continue working with him in the future to further ensure our growth, as his impartiality and outside perspective offer us new insights. Thank you for the great input and support! Björn Jacob TRITUM GmbH, AG Managing Director, Board Member

Mind Your Words

To lead confidently and optimistically, it is essential to have an equally confident inner attitude and to convey this attitude through authentic behaviour. Among the easiest approaches to change behaviour – and, consequently, inner attitude – is the purposeful use of linguistic imagery. Is the project akin to climbing a mountain, or a wide field that needs to be ploughed? Or do all of us have an opportunity to grow if we water the plants well?

Mental images like these, conveyed by language, can also create and solidify negative mood patterns in teams. Without specific tools, these are difficult to access and weed out as language emerges from below the surface of the conscious mind.

This workshop aims to increase awareness of the impact that mental imagery can have on their communication. Workshop participants learn to perceive, identify, and change the unconscious part of their language that creates these images. They will be enabled to change their inner attitude for the better and learn tools to change solidified moods bit by bit without having to resort to empty mission statements or motivational phrases.

Available as: Consulting, Workshop, Speaking Event.

Mathias facilitated our workshop on the topic of cross-location team collaboration. With his style and authenticity, he immediately connected with all participants, and his spontaneous reactions to various inputs kept everyone engaged until the end. His clarity and ease helped the group to quickly align and reach a consensus, even with complex matters and many interdependencies. Manuel Vogler EDAG Engineering GmbH Head of Department Product Quality & Care

Appreciation at the Job

We need recognition to be productive and creative, to remain loyal to our coworkers, customers and stakeholders, and to feel secure – as freelancers, employees and managers.

But what happens when appreciation is rarely given – or not at all –, or when you find it difficult to express or accept appreciation? Or if a company’s recognition culture is limited to one of those dystopian tools that automatically dole out thumbs up messages?

In this workshop, I touch on such tricky topics as pride, trust and the recently re-surfaces (but age-old) “impostor syndrome.” And I’ll explain and demonstrate how we can put into practice what we already know deep inside: That in the end only we ourselves can pat ourselves on the back.

Available as: Consulting, Workshop, Speaking Event.

Self care for Performance and Resiliency

“Let’s move our meeting to 2 p.m., I take my midday nap after lunch.” — This sentence has caused some of my conversation partners to twitch nervously, as if they wanted to ask if such things are allowed. But of course, no one should need permission to do what’s essential, and a midday nap is just one of many instances of self-care.

Taking care of ourselves should be at the top of our to-do lists, both in our private and work life. Surprisingly, companies still suffer from the misconception that performance might decrease if humans are allowed to treat themselves … well, humanly …, and many organizations unconsciously align with this illogical reasoning. But not focusing on self-care, these orgs inadvertently create and uphold a work culture that neglects or even despises human needs and thus lowers morale, motivation, and performance.

This workshop explores and teaches methods for self-care on an individual, team and organizational level. We go way beyond the “10 tips for more fulfilment at work” type of blog post. The results are principles with which participants can take care of themselves – and help their teams do the same – in a targeted manner, and thus increase their performance and resilience. We also explore systemic consequences of fostering self-care in organizational settings, and how large-scale change can be effected with relatively little effort.

Available as: Consulting, Workshop, Speaking Event.