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Brain to Text to Brain

Authentic, organic copy that does its work.

We write persuasive copy for all your marketing, sales or PR needs to build a lasting connection between your (or your company’s) brain and your readers’ brains.

Step 1, Brain to Text: People, teams or companies often find it difficult to create copy that clicks. It’s just too hard to filter all the stuff you could write from what you should write in order to reach your goals. In a structured process that combines analytics with emotion, we help you focus on the essence(s) of your message: We help you tidy up your brains, sift through heaps of ideas, concepts and first drafts. We arrive at a clear plan of the structure, content and tone of copy that will help you reach your goals.

Step 2, Text to Brain: We compose your copy with one clear goal in mind: To connect you, or your company, to your readers. We write

  • marketing and sales copy – both long-form and short ’n sweet – and
  • microcopy for UX projects.
  • We don’t ghost-write books, however we’d love you to entrust us with magazine articles.

Depending on the nature of your project, we charge based on value or by time spent. Contact us to discuss details — or, if you prefer, the big picture.

Available as: Consulting, Workshop, Speaking Event.