Make your Life a Perfect Storm
Antifragility — a Three Day Coaching Retreat
© Mathias Maul

Resilience Rocks

Stormy Seas Ahead?

Ah yes, the rock, a prime example of stability and resistance. When life hits you hard, be a rock, they say. At a closer look however, becoming a rock in the face of adversity is a remarkably unsuitable strategy: immovable, eroded by the raging sea … and seagull poop.

Better to be flexible like bamboo then, the symbol of resilience? It bends when the storm comes, when the board roars, when clients annoy the heck out of you and never-ending to-do lists strangle your creativity. Bamboo, they say, can handle it. And suddenly we all have to be bamboo: flexible and strong, no matter where the storm comes from.

But having to be either rock or bamboo is a storm in and of itself, adding more pressure to somehow cope with all this. If this rages inside for too long, … crack

Make Life’s Storms your Allies

We will make life’s storms your allies. Forget about all of this rock-or-bamboo business and become antifragile, profit from every shakeup, and propel yourself into new heights, even above the gulls … who cannot shit upwards.

In three days we’ll make you stronger and more stable, storm-proof and flexible to boot, better than rock and even bamboo. Let the I-Must-Be-Strong! storm subside. No musts, no pressure, neither from within nor without.

In short: stronger, more flexible, more persevering, more successful, and growing with every storm that life deals you. Three intense days at one of the most beautiful places in your world. Without brainwashing, incense stick rituals or wishy-washy methods that collapse once reality touches them. Instead: Fast, pragmatic, intense. It’s like a three-day HIIT session for your brain and your guts that you won’t want to forget.

South in every direction
© Mathias Maul

If you’re shivering at the North Pole, there is only one – but incredibly strong – consolation: There’s South in every direction. No matter where you go, it gets better. But you have to go, and keep going until the storm is behind you. Otherwise you’ll end up as a fossil, hardened, stiff, a thing from the past.

In three intense days with a storm-tested scout and some of the most effective methods research and experience has to offer, you will learn and experience how to rock your life:

Day 1: Detach

Disturbing emotions, inner adversaries, useless beliefs, inherited behavior patterns. Saboteurs from inside and outside, social and business influences from friends, acquaintances, family, colleagues, bosses, employees. Today you detach from everything that holds you back on your path—without becoming an asshole en route.

Day 2: Antifragility

Being resilient means being able to withstand the storm. Being antifragile means growing in the storm. Today your brain, heart and guts learn what is necessary to become (more) resilient and take the next steps towards antifragility. In all life circumstances, mentally, emotionally and socially.

Day 3: Future Design

The past is, of course, just as much an illusion as the future. That’s a good excuse to avoid both. But the traces of the past feel just as real as the traces of the future that you lay today, so that your new, antifragile overall personality grows in the direction you specify and not the one that is specified.

Before and After

Before all of this, we get to know each other personally or via a video exploration call, without obligation and free of charge. We’ll decide on a location and a date, and I’ll send you everything you need to prepare for your three days. And afterwards, to further strengthen the effect of our joint work and integrate it into your everyday life, we conduct three follow-up sessions (via Facetime), or you opt for further support for three, six or twelve months.

The Best Places of Your World
© Mathias Maul

In Hamburg or the dunes of Sylt, in London parks and museums, in Antibes at the Côte d’Azur, on Irish sheep pastures, in the rough solitude of the Algarve … or at any other place in the world that gives you the strength to leave the old behind and lets us build tools to generate strength at any time, in any storm. So that life always turns in your direction, no matter where the storm comes from.

Three full days – from dusk till dawn – in the perfect environment, with my full attention and methodical arsenal and a common goal: to put your life in your hands, so that every storm strengthens you. After these days, which in themselves can revolutionize your business and life, we continue working for three, six or twelve months, accompanied by a sophisticated workflow that documents and supports your development.

The current fee for the three-day experience is 12.000€ (plus VAT if applicable) including my expenses for any location within Continental Europe. Your exploration session is of course non-binding and free of charge, and we’ll agree on fees for the post-retreat coaching. My partner travel agency will be happy to arrange your travel, accommodation and – if desired – a tailor-made supporting program for some days before or after our work.

No day comes again.
© Mathias Maul

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