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Dramatically increase your Return on Investment in marketing and online sales. For any KPI, hard or soft—even the immeasurably important ones like time, effort and trust.

Investors looking for long-term profit on the stock market don’t just react to today’s stock prices—they look under the hoods and scrutinize every nut and bolt before acting on principled decisions.

Sustainable marketing and sales strategies should not be any different. To guide your investments, it’s the fundamentals that matter, not follower counts, “likes” or similar bling.

As hardcore generalist, Mathias provided outstanding support in several high-level projects here at Xerox, and I can highly recommend him as an on-demand brain for senior management and executives, especially in sales and marketing. Christian Gericke Xerox General Manager, Graphic Communication & Commercial Excellence

And just like on the stock market, investment in marketing and online sales comprises much more than just money1: Time, effort and trust are “soft” investments with a hard impact. However, they are hard to measure and thus hard to improve, so many companies don’t even think about them when tackling their ROI issues.

To improve the ROI of your sales or marketing campaigns or products, …

  1. … we take you on a deep dive into what makes your projects and campaigns tick,
  2. uncover the principles that create sustained success,
  3. and coach you through execution to significantly increase your Return on Investment in marketing and sales.

A No-Nonsense Process

In a structured, principles-based consulting process, we analyze hard and soft investments of your marketing and sales efforts to strategically develop concrete measures to improve the campaign ROI in a fundamental, sustainable and directly executable manner:

  • Weed out vanity metrics and focus on the fundamentals that really matter for your business’ bottom line.
  • Establish measurements (and measurement devices) for the actual returns for any investment, even for massive important, but often overlooked, categories like time, effort and trust.
  • Discover the gaps between what your agencies were briefed to and their actual output, and optimize your agencies’ work for maximum return at minimal effort.
After only a handful of consulting sessions, Mathias helped us pull off an e-mail campaign with a stellar 2,877% ROI. He’s fluent in technology and psychology alike and a strategic deep thinker that gets to results fast. His wide range of expertise has made a huge impact on our marketing strategy and performance and he always brings value to the table. Highly recommended to every company that wants to streamline and improve their marketing efforts and sales figures on and offline. Ana B. Rodas Hillerich & Bradsby, Bionic Gloves Director of Marketing and Product Development
  • Deal with dark indicators, i. e. those you cannot reliably measure—or can’t measure any more.2
  • Establish clear-cut principles that help you choose the best possible platforms for creating, publishing and measuring the success of your campaigns.
  • Dissolve corporate silos to improve communication, reduce extra work and boost morale.
  • In a nutshell: Spend less and get more out of your marketing and sales efforts. Principled, sustainably, and forward-looking.

The scope of our work can be limited to a specific campaign or project at first. Later, tackling larger scopes like product development cycles, multinational sales and marketing campaigns, internal teams or external contractors will pave the way for systemic benefits and even more sustainable results.

Getting Serious, one Step at a Time

Allowing a consultant to scrutinize the core of your business is not an easy decision. To help us both to ease into a trusting relationship, we’ve got three offers for you.

  • Start with a free Instant Impulse session. In this 1-on-1, one-hour consulting session, we will focus on one ROI issue. This offer includes an onboarding questionnaire so that we can make the most of the time. (No, this is not a full-hour sales call.)
  • For deeper results, book an ROI Clinic – a three-hour 1-on-1 session at a fixed price. Includes onboarding questionnaire, a post-session report with action items and a follow-up call.
  • When you’re ready to get serious in improving your marketing and sales ROI, we’ll work together on a consulting retainer for at least half a year. For small projects, we charge by time spent; for larger projects, value-based fees are almost always the best choice.

Instant Impulse sessions are held by means of videoconferencing, all other work can be done remotely or on-site.

Contact us for questions, or click here to book an Instant Impulse session.

  1. Your own, your investors’ and your banks’. Which adds even more layers of complexity to the equation. ↩︎

  2. Laws and regulations like the EU’s GDPR, the CCPA, Japan’s APPI Act and the rise of ad blockers and privacy browser plug-ins are turning already wishy-washy indicators into dead data. ↩︎