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Mathias Maul @ UX DAYS TOKYO (2017-07-19)

Trust Value Chains

Companies must build trusting relationships with their clients to be successful. To achieve this, they need to create content that conveys trust along the whole customer journey. In this session, Mathias will provide examples and rules to build a trusting company culture “bottom-up” and dissolve silos … with love. In consequence, content for marketing, sales and other departments can be created much more easily and with a lot more impact. About the presenter: After studying linguistics and computer science, Mathias Maul had a psychotherapy practice for ten years. One of the primary therapist skills is building trust in a matter of minutes, or even seconds. This knowledge is part of his work at The Content Shrinks, an agency that assists companies to improve content workflows by improving collaboration and helping people get better at what they do and who they are.