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Designed for the tech writing and software engineering industry, MAUL №5 gives executives and their teams the tools to inspire & encourage your people, break through long-standing expensive problems and set up a Continuous BrainOps Development system for a productive, efficient and human organization culture.
  • Uncover & reclaim hidden costs,
  • widen process bottlenecks
  • turn conflicts into empowerment
  • melt (not tear) down silos
  • increase individual & team resiliency, and
  • recruit & retain the best people.

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Start easy, grow continuously: Build awareness and trust with a workshop or two. Solve expensive problems with the MAUL №5 Breakthrough Program. Commit to establishing an effective & resilient communication culture with MAUL №5 BrainOps Continuous Development.

1. Inspire & Encourage with Workshops & Clinics:

  • Get inspired when stress is high or morale is low
  • Learn to change your own and others’ behavior (without dirty tricks)
  • Raise awareness for communication skills

2. The 5-Session Breakthrough Program:

  • Solve long-standing expensive problems related to productivity, motivation or flexibility
  • Uncover & resolve disruptive team dynamics without shame and blame
  • Defuse conflicts within or between teams, even across silo boundaries

3. MAUL №5 BrainOps Continuous Growth & Development:

  • Build and maintain a resilient team & org culture based on clear, effective and human communication
  • Implement measurement systems to identify and mitigate communicative disruptions
  • Strengthen employer branding by offering a respectful and rewarding work culture

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Q: Which product is the best for my team / division?
A: Start with a free scoping session. No sales script. You tell me about your ideal outcome; I explain if and how I can assist; we proceed if you think that your people will like me. Book a free scoping session at

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Clients are Pretty Happy

“I especially enjoyed your take on how to deal realistically and productively with organizational silos which inevitably emerge.”

“I loved the session. I have wished for something like this for a long time; having someone from the outside […] to give us a complete new perspective on ourselves and the world. […] I am confident that we will use the inspiration and knowledge going forward.”

“Bravo for an excellent overview on the human dimension to content creation and management in organizations – which, of course, consist of humans!”

“I enjoyed the session a lot, both in how Matt conducted it and also that it was about silos, stakeholder needs and what we can do as individuals to influence behaviour.”

“It’s easy to get stuck with negative ideas when a sprint team doesn’t cooperate or support [our team]. This was a positive session that I think other teams could benefit from.”

Book your free scoping session or instant-book a 2-hour consulting session.

Workshops & Clinics

A workshop is the best way to introduce me to your team. It’s focused on one topic and combines a presentation with light group work. Also a deep conversation starter and lighthearted kick-off for team events and offsites.

A Clinic is a group coaching based on concrete issues such as hard-to-handle clients.

Both can be held virtually or on-site and include pre- workshop questionnaires. Available in English and German.

5-Session Breakthrough Program

A series of five workshops and 1-on-1 executive coachings to break through roadblocks that prevent your team from doing the best work possible.

In addition to the live work with you and your team(s), I am continually available for Q&A, confidentially feeding results into a knowledge base that’s open for your whole team.

An optional coaching retainer allows your team members to confidentially book sessions with expert coaches.

MAUL №5 BrainOps Continuous Growth & Development

An ongoing, full-service and fully committed fixed-price package to effect lasting change in organizations of any size. Minimum commitment for maximum results is one year.

Includes (among others) creation of a communication skills knowledge base, a number of team workshops per quarter, a coaching retainer including ticket-based emotional task tracking, tailored on-demand training material and inter-organizational workshops to learn from and with people at other companies.

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Book your free scoping session or instant-book a 2-hour consulting session.