Mathias Maul

Before founding MAULCO. in 2005, Mathias Maul graduated with a Master’s in linguistics (speech recognition and Japanese), computer science (machine learning and AI) and English (nonsense literature). Working as software engineer and running his private brief psychotherapy practice in parallel taught him that humans are, for the most part, more easily debugged than software.

Niels Koschoreck

As a Professional Crazy Person, Niels Koschoreck spends his days doing real marketing for real people and, frankly, more than this website would be capable of holding. Immensely well-read, he is and a genuine change artist impossible to ignore once you’ve met him.

Elke Dietz

Profoundly mesmerized by the inner workings of the subconscious mind, Elke Dietz turned away from clinical paediatrics to specialise in systemic therapy and self-organizational hypnosis. While this may sound like perplexing mumbo-jumbo, it means that she’s really good at helping people – and, consequently, teams and organizations – to get better in any aspect of their life and work.

Victor del Rosal

Victor del Rosal teaches Business Strategies for Cloud Computing at the National College of Ireland, and how to live the good life everywhere else. He’s exactly how you’d expect a Mexican living in Ireland to be: Compassionate, pragmatic and light-hearted, with an always-sunny outlook into the future—whatever it might turn out to be.

Junichi Takayama

Junichi Takayama has the rare gift to really be in many countries at the same time. A seasoned intercultural marketer, he looks below the surface of foreign cultures, uncovers the principles that guide their communication and manages to build brain-to-brain and heart-to-heart connections.