Tiny Habits, Big Results

Changing behavior is easy, if you believe the Change-Yourself-NOW! industry. But if it were that easy, say the critics, there wouldn’t be a billion-dollar industry in the first place, right?

Talking about changing behavior is one thing; actually doing it is another. From many approaches I observed during the past 15-odd years, there are few I found truly useful: The habits approach.

One very accessible program to get yourself, or your employees, up to speed in changing habits is the Tiny Habits program of Stanford professor BJ Fogg. Although his introductory paragraph sounds much like the usual self-help war cry –

When you learn my Tiny Habits method, you can change your life forever.

– it’s actually a quick, easy, and tremendously helpful method that has enormous depth. If you’re into changing behavior for the better, check it out: Tiny Habits