Context Changes

I spent a couple of hours at the zoo today and got a load of work done while sitting on a bench between the trees with the Mac on my lap.

Productivity always seems to increase when people leave the office and work at other places (or change their work routines in other ways), but today’s writing session at the zoo was very special: Zebras, ostriches and warthogs were in my peripheral vision right above the Macbook’s screen, flamingos squawked behind me.

But the animals were very special, too. My normal zoo visit routine is with my my son on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, when the place is packed with people that vastly outnumber the inmatesanimals. Today, on a Thursday afternoon, with very few visitors, the animals seemed to be different, as if they were having a day off.

So, in a way, I had changed context, and the animals had their context changed. Am I making sense here? Maybe the animals know.