The New York Public Library PD
Mathias Maul @ NORDIC TechKomm (2022-09-21 – 2020-09-22)

Mental Tools for Empathy and Efficiency

Professionally and privately, we are repeatedly exposed to situations that challenge or even exceed our mental and emotional limits: Customers with high standards and colleagues who do not seem to keep promises, as well as time pressure and our “inner voices” that loudly criticise our own work.

The selection of basic mental tools presented in this workshop allow you to change what seems hopeless, from mental overload to dysfunctional communication in teams. With these tools, you’ll be able to work more efficiently and communicate more empathetically with others — and yourself.

This workshop is aimed at managers: those who lead other people as well as those who lead their own “inner team” as employees or freelancers. In the workshop part of this event, we’ll work through a concrete topic with one of the tools.

For preparation, we recommend reading Mathias’ article series Mental Tools in tcworld magazine.