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Mental Tools for Efficiency and Empathy

A 6-part series on mental tools for more efficient and empathic communication with yourself and others, especially in technical teams. Published in issues 1/2022 to 6/2022 of technische kommunikation, reprinted in English in tcworld magazine.

This article was originally published in tcworld magazine starting 4/2022.

Tool 1: Boosting the mind

How do we meet challenges that exceed our mental and emotional toolset? A brain dump can clear the mind and provide solutions. Read it on

Tool 2: Change is in your hands – or is it?

Customers who annoy you with their excessive demands; colleagues who are always late; family members who leave behind a mess. What seems hopeless at first can be changed with a few tricks. Available soon on

I’ll list links for tools 3 to 5 as soon as they’re available.