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Mathias Maul @ Localization World (2017-06-14 – 2017-06-16)

Reader-First Content That Does Its Job: Principles and Examples for Continuous Collaboration

Eventually, creating content comes down to fingers hitting letters, one at a time. But the interplay of thoughts, corporate politics, decisions, emotions, hunger and the need of going to the loo right when muse strikes that makes fingers hit keys is baffling and unpredictable.

Creating measurably effective content requires consistently effective content creators. In this session, Matt will delve deep into debugging the wetware (i. e., brains) of people and teams and unearth principles that help create consistent results.

Takeaways: How to use agile change management and leadership alignment to make individuals, teams and departments happier and more productive; utilize existing corporate silos to turn work environments from debilitating into supporting; implement workflow tools even when facing headwinds.

“Very insightful session on how to get the best out of people!”