© Mathias Maul
Mathias Maul @ acrolinx Content Connections (2016-11-01 – 2016-11-03)

Humane Content Workflows

Chock-full with personas, life cycle diagrams and style guides, content strategies often lack one essential feature: the means and methods to make a particular strategy work within a particular company, its teams and (often quite particular indeed) employees and agencies. In this half-hour presentation, you will learn how to …

  • create and govern reader-first content with self-optimizing author-first content workflows,
  • tailor content strategies to the particularities of your company, teams and employees,
  • enhance intra-team and inter-team communication – even across silo boundaries,
  • optimize communication with external agencies,
  • decide when you should insource or outsource content work, and
  • identify and defuse issues before it’s too late and overcome impasses using your own resources.