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Mathias Maul @ UX DAYS TOKYO (2016-08-15)

AI vs. Humans: The Future of Content Strategy

In this Content Strategy Mini-Conference, Mathias Maul (Hamburg, Germany) and Tyler Harder (Tokyo) will give talks about two of the hottest topics in content strategy and content marketing.

Click here for a write-up of Matt’s presentation

  • 1830: Doors open
  • 1900: Welcome
  • 1915 ~ 1930: A (Very) Quick Introduction to Content Strategy [Mathias Maul]
  • 1930 ~ 2000: Can A.I. commit a white collar crime? — An exploration into the role of Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing. (Tyler Harder)
  • 2000 ~ 2030: Humane Content Workflows: Making Content Strategies Work in the Enterprise. — Learn to create reader-first content with author-first workflows and tailor content strategies to your company, teams and employees. Enhance communication in teams and with agencies. Solve problems using your own resources. (Mathias Maul)
  • 2030 ~ 2100: Q&A
  • 2100~: Networking
  • 2200: 居酒屋 ^__^