The Waffle Maneuver

I’ve been to a smallish trade show today and, comparing this year’s show to those of years past, noticed a peculiar trend.

Waffle irons.

Four or five years ago, there was not a single exhibition booth that used waffles to lure visitors into salespeoples’ fangs. (I’m pretty sure about this because I wouldn’t have missed a single waffle.) This year, there were no less than five booths – mind you, in two exhibition halls – trying the Waffle Maneuver to catch passers-by, not to mention the other exhibitors with ice cream, frozen yoghurt, and more.

But I noticed something else. During the rise of the waffle irons, something has declined: Inspiration. Bored exhibitors, bored visitors. The whole thing felt as if covered with a layer of old dust and the smell of antique waffle irons.

If you need a waffle iron to get noticed, you might be doing something wrong.

If you think you need a waffle iron because your neighbor thinks he needs one, you might be doing something wrong.

If your content is not convincing enough, then the best headline won’t help. It might take more passers-by until one pauses and takes the time to read what you have to say. But those who stay are worth every second of your time, and your full attention. Don’t feed them with waffle-ly headlines, but treat them like what they are: Gems.