Re-Launched, at Last

With the publication of my new book edging near, I set out on a much-needed re-launch of the MAULCO. website. I asked all current clients to hold on to their to-do lists, got hold of my Content Strategy tools – chainsaw, bonsai scissors and chocolate –, cut down some trees and planted new ones.

Among the fallen trees is MAULCO. medical, our medical marketing spin-off, simply because I noticed that doing Online Marketing Consulting for doctors is basically the same as doing it for, say, coaches or shrimpers. After I had pulled those old gnarly roots, I transplanted our new offering to the most sunny spot: Content Strategy is something we’ve done for years, but only during the past year did I notice that what we’ve been doing actually has a name. (Thank you, Erin and Kristina for the shoulders I’m now standing on!)

Just as it has been the case with the last re-launch in – gasp – 2009, this new website is incomplete, and I do hope that it will stay incomplete for years to come, because that is the only way to achieve what we’re always striving for: Flexibility and continuous improvement.

Much of this website has already been translated, including the new page on SEO for Grown-Ups, and much work is still to do. You might still find references to our friendly translation gnomes on some pages. If you do find them, please take appropriate action to help speed up the translation process.

— Oh, the book? That has not yet been translated, and I’ll start finding an English-language publisher right now. But even if you don’t understand German well enough, you may just ogle the beautiful, hand-picked videos accompanying each chapter.