Queues and Dreams

It took me about two hours to reach Victoria Station after the London Fireworks 2013 were over. It’s hard to run when you’re surrounded by 250.000 other people, even if they are heading into the same direction. Halfway to the tube, I saw a large sign that alternately displayed three lines of text:

  • Happy New Year
    • Please Be Patient
    • Long Queues Expected

Wonderful, eh? Everyone loves queues, right? Just imagine those people lining up in front of your office door, just waiting for you to cherry-pick those that are the best fit for your business?

I am grateful that I could assist my clients to make this dream come true(r) during the past year. Thank you, my dear friends, clients and readers. Thank you for your attentiveness, for your creativity, your courage, your discipline, kindness and of course your purchase orders. Here’s to a new year with even longer queues!