Content is Not a Department

Lee Cockerell says:

Customer Service is Not a Department. […] It’s the responsibility of everyone in the organization, from the CEO to the lowest-ranking front line employee. In effect, everyone in the company is a customer service rep, because each of them has some impact on the customer’s experience.

Replace Customer Service with Content Creation, and you’ll arrive at many of the conclusions he’s drawing in this excellent manifesto.

Put on your content governor hat for a second, then take this common presupposition …

As in the natural environment, every component of your organization is connected; what happens in one affects all the others.

… and connect it with:

I often compare customer service to putting on a show. As a leader, you’re the playwright, the producer, and the director, so I urge you to write a great script, hire the best cast, and rehearse until everyone is razor sharp. Then you’ll be ready for a great performance.

So … How about your cast; the people creating and curating content within your organization? Is everyone placed at a position where they can deliver the best of themselves in order to create an orchestrated performance?

Nowadays, you’re going need a great performance to make a dent, and just having a script won’t be enough.