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Mathias Maul @ Comtecnica Conference (2024-05-29 – 2024-05-30)

Build resilient leadership teams: 12 proven principles from 21 years of coaching

Successful leadership teams are built of people whose skills and personalities complement each other. What really makes or breaks a team, however, are interpersonal and human skills. Teams lacking communication skills cannot lead their people to innovate and adapt to market shifts; unresolved conflicts and a lack of empathy create conflict and make your people run for the competition; untrustworthy leadership styles increase employee turnover and decrease client satisfaction. With over 20 years of experience in leadership coaching and psychotherapy, I share some proven principles and actionable steps to elevate communication, increase resiliency and resolve conflicts.

These principles work regardless of the nationality, culture, or age of the team members. You’ll learn tools that you can immediately put to use in your daily management practice, and discuss your case in the Q&A part of the workshop.