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Mathias Maul @ NORDIC TechKomm 2019 Copenhagen (2019-09-25 – 2019-09-26)

Self-Optimization: Taking the In out of Insanity

Higher, faster, further, flawless-er, better team player, more authentic, fork always on the left and back straight while eating! — Delivering high-quality work is rather easy if you follow standards and guidelines; becoming a high-quality person however is much more complicated: After all, there is no QA department for thoughts or emotions, although they make up the foundation of our quality of life, and, consequentially, the quality of our work.

In the very human quest to improve oneself (and one’s self), many get lost in a confusingly large and ever-growing self-improvement market filled with thousands of books, blogs, lectures, courses and “life hacks.” For anyone who wants to become more of who they want to be, finding out where to start turns into a problem of its own.

This workshop is aimed at helping you achieve a balance between optimizing yourself and staying authentic. It provides a framework that helps you smoothly sail instead of stumble through your work day, and presents tools to achieve this without turning into a robot.