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Mathias Maul @ Scott Abel (the Content Wrangler) (2017-01-17)

Reader-First Content with Author-First Workflows

Being a proxy for direct human interaction, content needs to be authentic to reach its desired goals. But good luck trying to inject authenticity into today’s highly volatile teams and workflows that govern the daily grind of sales, marketing and pr departments.

Methods to make the recipient believe that content is authentic are like a crutch. Do not focus on creating authentic content. Instead, help your content creators become more authentic in what they do and who they are, and much of the rest will come naturally.

Join Mathias Maul, Chief Shrink at The Content Shrinks, for this one-hour webinar and gain valuable insights for your daily business operations that help you devise and implement author-first workflows; coach your content teams to become the best at what they do; and enhance communication between the voices inside your content creators’ heads.

“This was one of the most interesting perspectives I have heard. Very well organized and clear. I loved the human element.”  — B.S.
“I was caught off guard by the offensive language used by today’s presenter. Using the “F-bomb” (once or repeatedly as it happened today) is definitely not professional or acceptable. The host condoned this language, and went on to say that he has used it himself during presentations. (For obvious reasons, I am really proud of this feedback. —MM)”  — (name redacted)
“Bravo for an excellent overview on the personal or human dimension to content creation and management in organizations – which, of course, consist of humans! I especially enjoyed your take on how to deal realistically and productively with organizational silos which inevitably emerge.”  — S.L.
“Thank you, Mathias, I found this most interesting. I gave it the highest rating because it surprised me and made me think, which in some ways I think was the objective of your presentation. So you achieved a KPI! What made me think was the notion of the individual content creator’s authentic experience. You’re right, we tend to disregard this aspect of content creation. I’ll be thinking more about it.”  — M.F.
“I love this presenter’s perspective on humane ways of working, especially on humane ways of getting workplace writing done. We all have fears, sloth, and chaos … let’s not deny it!”  — E.K.