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Full-Stack Web

We design and make websites, web apps and mobile applications. With real programmers; not just coders.

Creating a brilliant website or mobile application is not just about piecing together some technology building blocks; it’s about understanding what the site or app should do to help you achieve your goals.1 “Full stack” means that our services comprise the complete development cycle, including …

We deploy your site on your server or in a serverless paradigm, keep it up-to-date and provide technical support and, if desired, marketing services.

Sectors and Technologies

As long as we are able to wrap our minds around your product, service, or paradigm, we are happy to work for organizations in nearly any field of business.

We build your website, web app or mobile app using these technologies:

  • Static site generators: We’re fluent in Hugo and Gatsby and can adapt to the JAMstack framework of your choice.
  • Content Management: We hook up your website backend to frontends like Netlify CMS or DatoCMS, or use integrated publishing infrastructure solutions such as Ghost. We no longer use Wordpress or Drupal, but we’ll happily migrate your existing system away from those.
  • Languages and frameworks for web and other apps: Python (Django), Java (akka, Vert.x), Javascript (React, Node.js, vue.js), Objective-C and Swift (AppKit). Also, Unity and Flutter. Go wild.
  • Serverless: Netlify, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Firebase & Firestore.


To achieve a smooth workflow and general peace of mind, we provide one (1) designated project manager for you to talk to while our crew is working on your project.2 For managing projects, we use Basecamp, Pivotal Tracker, Gitlab Tickets or your company’s ticket manager.

Available as: Fixed-Fee Workshop, Consulting, Speaking Event.

  1. If you would like more guidance as to what you’d like to achieve with your website, please have a look at our MAULCO. FOCUS product.
  2. We do not offer this service to clients that book our ROI product because, frankly, that would be beside the point.