Douglas Adams’ thank-you note in response to receiving a copy of the UCIttHHGttG at his first lecture in Göttingen. Photo © Mathias Maul.

The Ultra-Complete Index to the Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Back in 1994, long before e-books were a thing, I was that kind of nerd who sat down for days to compile an index of his favorite books just because. This index was initially published to, and is republished here with, I’m sure, Douglas’ posthumous blessings. I hope that reading the intro written by my 17-year old self does not make you cringe too much.
This work is licensed under the GFDL, the GNU Free Documentation License.
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version published by the Free Software Foundation; with Invariant Sections,
no Front-Cover Texts, and no Back-Cover Texts, with the Invariant Sections
being all sections except the actual index entries. --Mathias, Oct 14 2004.
NOTE: Many people asked me whether I 'ripped' this index from electronic
versions of the books. The answer is simple: I did not. Please do not ask
this question again. --Mathias, September 24 2004.
NOTE: Nearly all of my addresses mentioned below have now been invalid for
quite some time. At the moment, the safest  way to reach me is by sending
e-mail to (redacted). --Mathias, May 20 1999.

          The Ultra-Complete Index to the Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy
                   written and entirely copyrighted 1992-94 by Mathias Maul
                                     fifth public release as of 12-mar-1994

     Many long years have passed since the publication of Douglas Adams'
masterpiece "The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy" which undoubtedly
initiated a cult. Thousands of people were fascinated by the bunch of
brainless idiots called Zaphod, Ford, Trillian, (Marvin,) and, above all,
Arthur Dent. Thousands of people listened to the radio play and watched the
TV series. Thousands of people read the books five or more times (like
myself). Thousands of people spent seemingly endless years waiting for a
sequel. Millions of other carbon-based life forms had never heard of the
existence of this hallmark in modern literature and died of ignorance.
Well, there was no REAL sequel (Ok, Dirk Gently. It's brilliant. But it
isn't a sequel to the Guide). There was nothing, an impenetrable emptiness,
a complete void. The only things to keep being amused were some Monty
Python sketches Douglas Adams had (probably) taken part in writing (just
think of the Chesterfield Sofa in episode #20 of the Flying Circus or of
his appearance in the last show) and of course his (and many others')
ingenious adventure game 'Bureaucracy' (which is one of the best computer
games ever published on this planet, believe me).

     To cut it short, nothing has happened in the last years concerning the
Guide. But now the dull days are over. The time has come to retrieve the
holy books from the golden casket, print out this index (preferably with a
laser printer) and re-read the Guide for the sixth time. And again. And
again. But it will be different this time. By means of this fabulously
amazing index, you will experience a different feeling when reading Adams'
work, you will be transported into higher dimensions of emotion when
listening to Marvin, you will feel a second (or third, depending on your
origin and/or the number of heads regarded as 'normal' in your
neighborhood) head grow when reading about Zaphod, you will simply become

     [I know, most of the above facts are outdated because Douglas Adams --
may all existing, or non-existing, or just believed to be existing, or even
long, long dead (or just lying in hospitals) gods in- or outside of what we
usually refer to as the universe bless him -- finally created the fifth
part of the Guide but as I liked the above paragraphs so much I was
reluctant to delete them.]

But enough of this idle twaddle, let's get into it NOW.

Some notes for the unsophisticated reader

     Firstly, whenever I mention Douglas Adams I speak of John Lloyd, his
partly-co-author, as well, just to prevent any troubles. This also applies
to Steve Meretzky who seems to have co-authored the Guide as well (apart
from creating brilliant adventure games such as "Leather Goddesses of
Phobos", "Planetfall", "Stationfall", and, naturally, "The Hitchhiker's
Guide to the Galaxy").

     Of course, this isn't a 'really proper' index (i.e. to the effect that
ALL important words and places are listed) but an attempt to help thousands
of Douglas Adams fans find a vitally important name/place/event buried
somewhere in the deep recesses of Adams' magnificent work (imagine that you
simply HAVE to know where to find the paragraph dealing with the Vl'hurgs
and the G'Gugvuntts). On the other hand this index does look professional
due to the sometimes rather obscure form of the entries, for example
"Asgard, deities from halls of". I tried to make the entries understandable
but obviously - some people had difficulties in finding certain things -
often didn't manage to do so very well. In other words, if you're searching
for a specific keyword, try to rearrange it until you've found it. However,
if the index does not contain the desired keyword, contact me immediately
(EMail preferred) and I will include it in the next release.

In general, names are sorted surname first, for example "Vranx, Yooden",
and more complex entries like "Ultra-Complete Maximegalon Dictionary of
Every Language Ever" are included in two or more variations to make
locating easier.

Titles ("Where God Went Wrong"), memorable quotes ("History is bunk") or
exclamations ("Weeeelaaaaah!") are included in the index in single quotes.
One could argue endlessly whether this or that quote can be considered
'memorable', and I was very tempted to include at least half of the
complete text as 'memorable quote' but came to my senses when I realized
that this could lead to some minor problems for all those people who want
to download the index. Of course, the selection sometimes is rather
subjective, but I'm always open to suggestions.

It seems that Douglas Adams changed the spelling of some words from time to
time. For example, 'Eroticon Six' is spelled 'Eroticon 6' as well as
'Eroticon VI'. In such cases I took down the variation which came first, or
I liked better, or both.

     As there are many, many names and places in the Guide I only have
included the ones that seemed likely to be of use and omitted the names
which only appeared in insignificant-looking subclauses or quotations and
didn't appear to have any obvious reason to be mentioned in this very place
where they were. That is - I did so in the first three releases but
realized that this decision was complete rubbish. However, the index still
contains dozens of entries which might seem to be totally out of place
(such as maybe 'change-of-address card'), but most of these are listed due
to the well-known Interconnectedness of Things -- the change-of-address
card for example appears in 'Bureaucracy' (a mind-bogglingly ingenious,
hilarious, and generally stupendously well-written Infocom adventure game).

     I do not know if this index is of any use to anyone else but I often
found myself in the situation of desperately having to find the the place
where for example Vroomfondel is first mentioned (PLEASE don't ask me why)
and would have been grateful to have something as HANDY!, TERRIFIC! and
ASTONISHINGLY USEFUL! as this index. On the other hand, everyone who read
"The Lord of the Rings" by J.R.R. Tolkien will agree with me that it cannot
possibly be read (and understood) without having to consult the indexes
from time to time. However, if you still aren't convinced of the amazing
usefulness of this index, read the first paragraphs again.

     I received several mails from people who do not own the Pan Books
edition of the Guide, or, even worse, only one of the American versions,
and therefore had had problems in finding the corresponding pages. For this
reason I have included not only page numbers, but also chapter references
in this release. The new entry format describes the location of a given
keyword by giving volume, chapter, and page. Separate chapters within a
volume are divided by a semicolon, separate volumes by a period, which is
also what an entry is always terminated by. A more complex entry could look
like this:

          frotz    IV: 6/17,23; 9/42x. V: 4/69. R: 2/42r. A: 21.

In this case, 'frotz' can be found in volume four, chapter six, pages
seventeen and twenty-three and chapter nine, page forty-two (where a more
or less extensive explanation of 'frotz' is given), and also in volume five
in chapter four, page sixty-nine as well as in the Radio Scripts, Fit the
Second, Page forty-two (as a remark). Oh yes, and in the Infocom package,
page twenty-one.

     The page number given refers - in most cases - to the first appearance
of the keyword itself, not to some vague description. If there is a
paragraph explaining something thoroughly it is marked with an 'x'
succeeding the according page number, an 'r' denotes that the keyword
appears as a remark in the Radio Scripts (like for example 'shrubbery').

     Page references are according to the Pan Books paperback edition (ISBN
0-330- { 25864-8 | 26213-0 | 26738-8 | 28700-1 | 32311-3 }, all published
by Pan Books Ltd., London) as this seems the one most widely spread. I'm
afraid I neither have the time nor the money to buy all the other editions
as well and adapt the page numbers. Furthermore, I do not see the need of
doing an index of the German/French/Italian/Suaheli versions as one can
expect every fan to know the original version by heart. Also, it seems that
some versions differ a lot from each other, especially the US Pocket Books
editions from the 'original' UK versions.

All page references to the Radio Scripts are according to the Pan Books
paperback edition of 1985, ISBN 0-330-29288-9. It was difficult enough to
get hold of this version, so please don't blame me for not using another
one. I did not list the differences between the Radio Scripts and the
version that was aired (respectively the version I have: the BBC CDs) but
I'm thinking of doing such a list whenever I have a bit of spare time.
Furthermore, I did not include the footnotes given in the Radio Scrips;
however interesting they are, I think they would be somehow out of place

All references to the adventure game are according to the original Infocom
package, not to the Mastertronic budget version. If you can't get hold of
an original, don't blame me. If you can, however, don't hesitate to contact
me at once; this also applies to all sorts of Infocom items, be it old
games, issues of the New Zork Times or The Status Line, posters, reviews or
other papers.

     The main reason for me to make up this index was simply to keep me
busy: I was - and still am - fascinated by the Guide, and I wanted to do
something other than just reading it (I'm still pondering on whether I
should publish this 40-page paper about the Guide I've written recently for
school). It's as accurate as I think is necessary, but there is a chance
that I made some horrible mistakes. However, this text is supposed to
travel around in networks and I'm hoping to find many, many (or even more)
mails from other fans with suggestions, supplements, corrections etc. in my

     If there are some keywords that - according to your opinion - simply
must be included in this index, or if you find mistakes of any kind or if
you know whether there is a meaning in the way you have to arrange the
books in order to get a '42' (I,III,II,IV; ok, 1+3=4 and 4-2=2, making 42,
but this isn't very satisfying) or if you just want to send me all your
money please contact me at once at one of the addresses listed below.


     I would like to thank the following people for their invaluable
contributions to the index (in alphabetical order):

     Marc Aurel (4-tea-2@redacted), who, besides supplying lots of
suggestions, acted as human gateway between me and the UseNet newsgroup and made it possible for me to publish the index

     Dave Bealer (dbealer@redacted) for Random Access Humour, the best and
most humorous magazine I've ever read, and (sort of) distribution of the
index in the United States,

     Klaus Nitsche, the friendliest sysop I've ever met, who gave me deep
insights in how it is to be a sysop and generally was very nice and
encouraging, not to mention the numerous times this document (while still
in draft status) had to pass his scrutinous checks,

     Thomas Schaefer (ts@redacted), just for being a great fan of the
index and for many, many kilobytes of encouraging mail,

     Jonathan Woithe (jmwoithe@redacted)>, who provided
me with hundreds of entries for Mostly Harmless,

and all the readers of for their numerous encouraging
mails. If you have the feeling that your name should be mentioned, please
print this text and fill your name in the free space provided below:

     ________________________________  <                          >

Thank you.

You can contact me at the following addresses:

   Mathias Maul                  InterNet: (redacted)
   (redacted)                    MausNet: Mathias Maul @ WI2
   (redacted)                    FidoNet: Mathias Maul at 1:105/330.666
   Germany                                                2:500/149.2
   tel [+49] (redacted)                                   2:2461/161.42

(If you do not get any response from me when contacting me via EMail
within, say, two weeks, please try another address or use SnailMail
instead. However, you can be absolutely sure that I will answer.)

     Feel free to write me whenever you want, I like receiving and
answering mail from other people. Write in English or German, I understand
both of them well enough to converse. (Yes -- the English I use in this
text evidently is 'only' the English I learned in school (I didn't study
the language nor am I a native speaker), so if you spot some real bad
mistakes, feel free to correct me.)

     By the way, if you send me -- well, whatever you think appropriate --
I'll mail you a nicely set, printed and bound version of this text. Please
include at least two international reply coupons to cover postage. Remember
-- send whatever you think appropriate. Anything that you think can make me
happy is ok.

Please put on your peril-sensitive sunglasses now, the index is about to
start ...

100,000th word                                    V:11/92.
13, floor                                         V:8/68;12/96,100.
13 to 22, dimensions                              V:17/150.
1437                                              IV:5/32.
15,000,000                                        II:23/134.
1-555-55-5-55555-555-5555                         A:8.
1-5-555-55-55555-555-5555, ext. 5                 A:8.
169                                               II:33/178.
17                                                IV:2/13,14. R:11/221.
17 across                                         V:11/90.
170,000,000,000,000                               II:17/90.
1951                                              R:2/49.
1-A Tawdry Sales & Service                        A:8.
1min 35s                                          R:1/24.
23, floor                                         V:8/69.
231                                               IV:2/13.
239000                                            I:9/64. R:9/180.
2.4                                               IV:1/10.
2.6                                               IV:28/145.
267709                                            I:8/63. R:2/39.
27000                                             I:5/40.
276000                                            I:9/67.
276709                                            I:12/80.
28                                                III:2/18.
30 feet per second per second                     V:12/94.
3,000,000,006                                     I:4/35.
32 feet per second per second                     V:11/91.
33,39,47-51,87,88,100,192-213,123-126,127,11,17   IV:2/14.
33517                                             III:1/11.
3454, SrDt                                        V:12/102.
36, hold                                          II:24/143.
37                                                II:17/88. IV:40/186.
3758                                              I:5/40.
40,000                                            V:2/7.
40,004                                            V:2/7.
42                                                I:27/135. II:1/9;20/117;
                                                  33/181. III:e/157.
                                                  IV:20/110. V:25/214.
4,763,984,132                                     V:3/27.
573                                               II:32/171. R:6/122.
576,000,000,000                                   II:17/93,101.
576,000,003,579                                   II:18/105.
576,200,000,000                                   II:18/110.
576324                                            R:5/101.
576326                                            R:5/101.
578,000,000,000                                   R:11/214.
597000000000                                      I:21/114.
597,000,812,406.7                                 R:5/106.
5975509                                           IV:35/167.
5983                                              V:2/8.
59.99                                             A:8.
5a, section                                       I:15/89.
5D chat show                                      I:31/148. R:4/83.
634784, page                                      I:15/89.
6:37                                              II:21/124.
7, 9, 10, 11, 14, 16, 17, 19, 21-84               II:19/114. R:5/102.
7023                                              R:10/195.
747                                               V:3/26.
7500000                                           I:25/130.
75972xx                                           III:28/130.
79                                                V:2/7.
794                                               II:25/146.
8767128                                           I:18/102.
8,767,128                                         R:3/59.
8A, section                                       I:31/151.
911VCK168                                         R:11/221.
938,324                                           II:19/112.
938,326                                           II:19/112.
999999999                                         III:4/32.
9GX78, summit vector of                           R:3/58.

'A Scottish Soldier'                              IV:13/82.
                   !'                             R:10/190.
accent, British                                   V:2/9.
'Access Standby'                                  IV:5/30.
accident, waiting for one to happen               V:11/93.
accountants                                       V:18/169.
adrenalin pills                                   R:4/87.
Advanced God                                      V:3/25.
Advanced Music Substitute Systems                 IV:35/167.
advanced tea substitute                           A:15.
Advanced Vectoid Stabilisis                       V:13/108.
'Adventures in aggressive Marketing'              R:11/218.
'advice'                                          V:9/71.
aerosol deodorant                                 II:1/9. R:5/90.
Africa                                            I:30/143. III:2/13.
Agda                                              II:34/185.
agglomerates                                      V:8/64.
Agrajag                                           III:18/91,94x. V:19/173.
aigrettes                                         V:8/64.
ajuitar                                           II:16/85.
Albert                                            V:15/128.
alchemy                                           IV:9/58.
alcohol                                           I:2/20x. R:1/21x.
Aldebaran                                         II:22/128.
Aldebaran sand blizzard                           R:4/75.
Algol                                             II:5/32;22/128.
Algolian claret                                   R:8/152.
Algolian Suntiger                                 I:2/21,22.
Algolian Zylatburger                              R:5/94.
Allen, Woody                                      V:2/8.
alligator                                         III:4/21.
alliterative residulator                          I:7/53.
Allitnil                                          R:12/233.
Allosimanius Syneca                               III:11/59.
Almighty Bob                                      V:13/113;18/168;20/176.
Alpha                                             V:4/30.
Alpha Centauri                                    I:3/31;15/89. R:1/25;3/53.
Alpha Proxima                                     I:8/62.
Altairian Dollar                                  I:5/46. II:19/114.
                                                  IV:36/171. A:2. R:5/102.
alternative book-keeping                          III:19/99.
Amalgamated Union of Philosophers, Sages,
     Luminaries and Other Thinking Persons        I:25/129. R:4/76,87.
'Amazing Grace'                                   IV:13/82.
America                                           I:6/51.
American Express                                  II:16/84. IV:4/19,21;
                                                  15/85. V:21/188.
American Hots                                     IV:22/119.
AMF 3                                             R:7/131.
anaconda                                          R:6/113.
ancestors, of Earthmen                            R:1/20.
Ancient Galactic History                          III:12/68.
Andress, Gary                                     V:2/14.
Andrews, Gail                                     V:2/11;21/192.
angel (on the head of a pin)                      III:20/105.
'Angst in Space'                                  III:1/11.
Anhondo plains                                    V:13/116;19/171.
AnjaQatine Star Guard, closing march of           V:16/145.
Anjie                                             IV:12/75.
Annual Ursa Minor Alpha Recreational Illusions
     Institute Awards Ceremony                    III:22/114.
Answer, the Ultimate                              I:25/128;27/135. II:1/9.
Antarean parakeet gland                           I:17/99.
Antares                                           I:17/99.
anticlone                                         R:12/239.
anti-gravity suits                                V:15/130.
Anti-matter ray                                   II:7/47. R:7/144.
Apocalypse, Four Horsemen of the                  V:16/139.
Apple                                             IV:17/90.
Apres-Flare parties                               II:18/107.
Arab                                              I:4/37.
archimandrites                                    V:8/64.
Arctic ice-floes                                  III:4/23.
Arcturan Megadonkey                               I:25/127;31/146. R:4/75;
Arcturan Megafreighter                            I:29/140. II:5/32.
Arcturan Mega-gin                                 I:2/21.
Arcturan Megagnats                                R:7/136.
Arcturan Megagrasshopper                          II:22/131.
Arcturan Megaleech                                III:16/80.
Arcturan Megavoidwhale                            III:12/70.
Arcturan stunt apples                             R:6/112.
Argabuthon                                        III:e/152.
Argabuthon Chamber of Law                         III:e/154.
Argabuthon Sceptre of Justice                     III:25/122;e/152.
Arglebard, Forest of                              III:e/154.
Arium, Great Circling Poets of                    II:25/146. R:6/120.
Arizona                                           V:22/197.
Arkintoofle Minor                                 V:1/1.
armagnac                                          V:11/89.
army                                              IV:38/176.
Arsenal                                           I:2/21. R:1/22.
art                                               II:19/114. R:10/195.
artesian well                                     V:18/163.
'Arthur Dent Throwing the Nutrimatic Cup'         R:10/195.
Arthur Dent's brother                             R:6/109.
'Arthur, the Man Who Made the Rain God Rain'      IV:27/141.
A-Rth-Urp-Hil-Ipdenu                              III:1/11.
artificial Universe                               II:12/71. R:7/131;12/241.
Artrifactovol                                     III:12/69.
Arts Nobbling Council, Mid-Galactic               I:7/53. R:1/31.
Asbleg                                            R:11/218.
ascetics                                          V:9/79.
Asgard, Halls of                                  II:17/96.
Ashes                                             III:4/29x;32/146.
ashtray                                           R:6/114.
aspirin                                           V:21/193.
Assumption of St Antwelm                          V:6/40.
Astra, Trillian                                   V:9/72.
Astral Crescent                                   R:8/159.
astrology                                         V:2/19;5/38.
Asylum, the Outside of The                        IV:15/85;28/146;28/152x.
Athens airport                                    III:20/102.
Atlantic Ocean                                    IV:5/38.
Atlantis                                          I:16/92. R:3/55.
atomic vector plotter                             I:10/68. R:2/42.
atomineers, reptiloid                             I:4/34.
autobiography, Marvin's                           R:12/239.
autogardeners                                     R:10/200.
Autumn Passage                                    V:13/113.
avocado dip                                       III:21/107.
Axel Nebula                                       II:18/107.
Azgoths of Kria                                   I:7/53. R:1/31.

B Ark                                             II:24/141x. R:6/119.
Babel Fish                                        I:6/49x. IV:7/49. R:1/29x.
Bacon, Francis                                    III:18/92.
bacon rolls                                       V:22/198.
bad news                                          V:1/1.
Baffin                                            V:23/207.
bag, leopard-skin                                 III:18/89,97;20/103.
bag of rabbit skin                                III:1/11;4/24;18/89.
baggage-retrieval system                          III:20/102.
bagpiper                                          II:32/167,173. IV:20/102.
Baker Street                                      IV:26/133.
Balace of Nature                                  III:29/131.
ball, small red hard                              III:4/19;10/51;12/67;
ballet                                            V:11/89.
Bambleweeny 57 Sub-Meson Brain                    I:10/68. R:2/42.
banana fruitcake                                  V:1/2.
Banjy Mouse                                       R:4/82.
Bar & Grill                                       V:9/79;22/197.
Bar-B-Q sauce                                     II:8/51. R:8/150.
Barnard's Star                                    I:5/43. R:1/26.
Barry Manilow                                     IV:2/13.
Bartledan                                         V:11/90.
Bartlett, Eric                                    V:4/28;21/189.
Bartrax                                           R:11/218.
Basingstoke                                       I:5/43. R:1/26.
Bass, Hillary                                     V:2/11.
Bastablon                                         II:15/81.
bath (ebony, conical)                             II:17/98. R:5/94.
'Bath Sheets in Space'                            R:8/151.
battle hymn, Betelgeusian                         I:7/61.
BBC                                               IV:8/56.
BBC Home Service                                  R:2/49.
'Be like the twenty-second elephant with heated
     value in space - bark!'                      IV:1/10.
beach house                                       V:9/81.
Beach Loafers, Ceremonial                         III:14/74.
beachware, inappropriately coloured               V:8/60.
beasts, vicious snarling slavering                V:16/142.
Beatles, the                                      R:2/40r.
bee, demented                                     R:7/132.
Beeblebrox, Mrs Alice                             R:8/159.
Beeblebrox, Zaphod                                I:4/33. V:3/27.
Beeblebrox, Zaphod the Fourth                     II:3/21. R:9/181.
Beeblebrox, Zaphod the Nothingth                  II:3/22.
Beeblebroxologists                                R:8/159.
Beethoven's Fifth                                 I:7/60.
Belcerebon                                        II:21/123x.
belgium                                           R:10/202x;12/246.
Benjy Mouse                                       I:31/146.
Berlin Wall                                       R:9/169.
berries                                           II:30/162.
Best Bang                                         I:12/77. R:2/46.
Beta                                              V:25/218.
Betelgeuse                                        II:22/128. IV:36/172.
Betelgeuse Five                                   I:5/41. II:3/24. V:12/94.
Betelgeuse Seven                                  I:5/40.
Betelgeuse state prison                           R:9/184.
Betelgeuse trading scouts                         I:1/14.
Bethselamin                                       I:8/62. R:2/39.
Bevingford bypass                                 R:1/23.
'Beware of the Leopard'                           I:1/12. R:1/19.
Bibrok, Zipo 5x10^8                               III:14/75.
Big Bang                                          I:25/127. R:2/46;4/75.
Big Bang Burger Bar                               II:17/91.
Big Bang Burger Chef                              R:5/93.
Big Surprise                                      IV:40/183.
bindle werdles                                    R:1/31.
bird                                              V:17/148.
bird cage                                         V:2/21.
birdpeople of Brontitall                          R:10/197.
birds, evil smelling                              II:9/53.
bird-shaped hole                                  V:12/101.
biro planet                                       I:21/113. R:3/65.
biscuits, packet of                               IV:20/104. V:8/66.
Bistro Illegal                                    II:16/85.
Bistromathics                                     III:7/39x.
Bjanjy Territories                                V:9/72.
Black's Medical Dictionary                        IV:5/35.
Blagulon Kappa                                    I:33/156.
'Blamwellamum of Woont'                           V:16/145.
Blart Versenwald III                              IV:e/190.
blaster ray                                       R:7/132.
Bloomingdales                                     V:2/20.
blur, green                                       II:14/74.
blur, video-tactile                               III:10/51.
blurglecruncheon                                  I:7/54. R:1/31.
Board of Judges at the Krikkit War Crimes Trial   III:14/74.
Bob, Almighty                                     V:13/113;18/168;20/176.
Bobby                                             V:21/186.
Body Debit                                        R:8/160.
Boeing 747                                        IV:26/137.
Boer War helmet                                   IV:18/92.
Bogart movie                                      I:6/51.
boghog, NowWhattian                               V:7/54.
Bogons                                            R:9/169.
Boobiloo Baby Foods                               II:6/39. R:7/140.
Boris the Spider                                  R:11/225r.
Boston                                            IV:26/138.
bottles, rafia-wrapped                            III:6/35.
Bournemouth                                       IV:5/31;7/50;37/174.
Bowie, David                                      IV:31/151.
boy-being                                         II:17/88.
boysenberry                                       V:2/16.
Brantersvogon Starhouse                           R:3/69.
Brantisvogan bank account                         I:21/113. R:3/65.
Brantisvogan Civil Service                        III:11/59.
Brantisvogan escort agency                        R:11/214.
Brantisvogan Megalycee                            R:11/221.
'break the ice at parties'                        I:10/69.
breakfast cereal                                  II:19/113. R:5/101.
Breathe-O-Smart                                   V:12/103.
breath-freshener                                  V:21/187.
Brentwood                                         V:2/10.
Brequinda                                         IV:21/117.
Brian                                             III:4/20.
Bridge Club, Zansellquasure Flamarion             II:17/95. R:5/95.
British phone system                              IV:35/165.
British Rail                                      IV:20/103.
Broadway                                          V:2/9.
Brockian Ultra-Cricket                            I:25/125. III:19/100x.
bronchial pneumonia, thirty ton elephant with     R:1/21.
Brontitall                                        R:10/188.
Broop Kidron Thirteen                             R:7/133.
Brownian Motion                                   I:10/68. R:2/42.
bruise (to the upper arm)                         I:17/99. R:3/58.
brush, blue                                       V:16/145.
Bulldockpokingham                                 A:14.
bureaucracy                                       I:30/143.
Burnt Hombre                                      III:18/92.
bush-like being, purple                           II:16/86.
buzz, to                                          I:5/46.
Bwenelli Atoll                                    V:12/95.
bypass                                            I:1/11x. R:1/18;7/133x.

Cafe Lou                                          II:16/85.
Cagney and Lacey                                  V:21/185.
California                                        IV:8/57;20/114.
Campaign for Real Time (Camtim)                   III:12/69;16/81;17/84;
Campaign to Save the Humans                       IV:32/160.
cannelloni                                        III:16/79.
Canter                                            III:4/20.
Cape Canaveral                                    I:3/24.
Capricorn                                         V:24/210. V:5/38.
Carfrax, Gamma Caves of                           III:24/120.
Carol                                             V:15/125.
carpet-cleaning companies                         III:21/106.
Casablanca                                        IV:39/182.
cash point machines                               V:6/51.
Cataclysmic Combo                                 II:17/92.
catalogue                                         I:29/138.
Cathedral of Chalesm                              III:16/79;17/85.
Cathedral of Hate                                 III:18/92.
cave                                              R:10/188.
'Celestial Home Care Omnibus'                     I:p/7.
cello                                             IV:18/93.
Cenozoic Era                                      I:26/131.
Census Report, Mid-Galactic                       IV:1/9.
centigrade                                        III:6/35.
central mission module                            V:1/4.
Central Park                                      IV:5/29. V:2/20.
ceramo-teak                                       V:6/47.
Ceremonial Beach Loafers                          III:14/74.
Ceylon                                            II:2/16.
Chain-O-Rama                                      A:8.
Chanel lip gloss                                  V:2/16.
Change                                            IV:21/116.
change-of-address card                            III:11/59.
chariot, burning fiery                            V:13/114.
cheese crackers                                   III:21/107.
cheese-and-wine raid                              III:22/115.
Chesterfield sofa                                 III:2/17;32/143.
Chief Strategic Officer                           V:1/6.
China                                             II:2/16. III:12/71.
china cups                                        II:4/30. III:32/143.
chinanto/mnigs                                    II:24/138.
Chiropodist, the Flying                           R:12/240.
cholesterol poisoning                             I:9/64.
Christians                                        V:2/12.
Chuck                                             V:21/186.
chukka boots (size nine)                          R:6/111.
Church of the Second Coming of the Great Prophet
     Zarquon                                      II:17/96. R:5/96.
CIA                                               IV:5/38.
Ciceronicus 12                                    I:25/127.
Circling Poets of Arium, Great                    II:25/146. R:6/120.
City State of Avalars                             IV:21/119.
Civil Service, Brantisvogan                       III:11/59.
Civil Service, Galactic                           I:5/40. R:9/171.
Clara, Aunt                                       A:3. R:8/152.
cleaning staff                                    I:27/132.
'click, hum'                                      V:1/2;5/33.
Cloning Machine Company                           R:12/237.
cloning machines                                  R:11/214.
'Close Encounters of the Third Kind'              R:8/156r.
Cloudworlds of Yaga                               III:15/78.
clover                                            V:3/27;4/30.
clubs, electric                                   V:15/127,130.
Coarse Actor's Guide to Space Ship Guards         R:2/37r.
cocoon, fluffy pink plastic                       V:11/93.
coffee and biscuits                               II:12/68. R:12/237.
coffee, artificially constructed                  III:13/73.
coffee machine                                    R:7/131.
coffins                                           II:22/132.
Cold Hillsides                                    III:e/158.
cold slits                                        II:24/140.
Colin                                             V:8/60;14/120.
Colluphid, Oolon                                  I:p/7;6/50. II:5/31. A:2.
Colonel, the                                      V:22/203.
Columbus                                          R:3/54.
Coluphid, Oolon                                   R:1/18;10/188.
'Come Outside'                                    IV:31/153.
Commercial Council of Magrathea                   I:17/95. R:3/56.
common sense                                      V:2/7.
complaints department                             I:17/95.
computeach                                        R:11/221.
computer terminal                                 V:8/64.
computers, independence of                        I:19/105.
concrete, brushed                                 III:14/75.
conkers                                           I:29/140.
consciousness, Arthur's                           III:4/22.
constructor ship, massive yellow                  V:24/210.
continent toupets                                 R:10/200.
cop                                               I:32/153. R:4/85.
corporate committee                               V:12/102.
correcting fluid                                  III:17/84.
Cosmovid                                          III:1/11.
Cottington Service Station                        R:1/23.
couch, psychiatrist's                             III:32/144.
cough, exciting                                   III:22/112.
counting                                          I:19/105.
country-rock singer                               II:32/169.
Coventry Cathedral                                R:8/155.
Coward, Noel                                      III:4/28.
creatures, big bull-necked slug-like              V:10/86.
creatures, elegant gazelle-like                   I:5/40. R:9/171.
creatures, pterodactyl-like                       III:22/110.
creatures, small furry from Alpha Centauri        I:15/89. R:3/53.
credit card                                       V:12/102.
cricket                                           III:12/67. V:2/18.
crisis inducer                                    R:11/209.
crisis psychology                                 R:11/209.
crisis role, Arthur's normal                      III:4/30.
Croydon                                           I:13/84. R:2/48.
Cruxwan University                                I:25/128.
Crystal, Zap-Proof                                III:14/76.
crzjgrdwldiwdc                                    II:33/181.
curling tongs                                     II:32/171.
cushions                                          IV:22/120.
custard, million-gallon vat of                    I:9/66.
Cwulzenda, Radiation Swamps of                    III:24/120.
cybercubicle                                      III:11/63;30/134.
cyberminds                                        V:18/160.
cybernightmare, multi-dimensional                 V:20/176.

'Da da da dum!'                                   I:7/60.
Daedalus Club                                     II:18/107.
daffodils                                         R:8/155.
Dalforsas                                         III:e/158.
Damascectomy                                      V:2/15.
Damascus                                          V:2/13.
Damogran                                          I:4/32.
Damogran Frond Crested Eagle                      I:4/37.
Dangrabad Beta sand blizzard                      I:25/127.
Danqueds                                          V:12/95.
Darlington                                        IV:16/88.
Darwin, Charles                                   IV:20/101. R:6/112.
day care time zones                               V:15/124.
Day of the Answer                                 I:27/133. R:4/78.
Death Flotilla, Chameleoid                        R:6/112.
death-support system                              II:20/115.
Deep Thought                                      I:25/126. II:1/9;33/182.
                                                  IV:17/90. R:4/74.
Definit-Kil cannon                                R:9/176.
defocused temporal perception                     II:6/41. R:7/141.
Degenerate Cybermats, home for                    III:11/63.
deities, minor from Halls of Asgard               II:17/96. R:5/95.
Deluxe-O-Mat                                      A:8.
demolition order                                  V:24/212.
Denmark                                           IV:2/13.
Dent, Arthur                                      IV:25/130.
Dent, Arthur Philip                               III:1/8.
Dent, Random Frequent Flyer                       V:23/208.
Dentrassi                                         I:5/41x. R:1/26.
Deodat, Arthur Philip                             III:4/34.
Desiato, Hotblack                                 II:16/84.
Devon                                             IV:11/67.
digital watches                                   IV:p/7. I:p/6;25/125.
dimensional drift                                 V:19/172.
Dine-O-Charge                                     V:6/50;22/198;23/206.
dingo's kidneys                                   I:1/20;6/50. II:32/177.
                                                  III:23/118. R:6/124;9/180.
dinosaur skeletons, artificial                    I:26/131.
dinosaurs                                         IV:26/137.
Dire Straits                                      IV:22/119.
Disaster Area                                     II:16/84;17/88x.
Dish of the Day                                   II:17/89,92.
dishwashers                                       R:10/199.
Dismodulating Anti Phase stun ray                 R:4/82.
Divinity and Water Polo, joint faculty of         V:1/2.
DNA bank                                          V:11/90;15/123.
Dockpokinghamshire                                A:14.
dodo                                              IV:26/137.
dog, small                                        I:31/145. R:4/82.
Dolby Stereo                                      IV:20/111.
Dollar, Altairian                                 I:5/46. II:19/114.
                                                  IV:36/171. A:2. R:5/102.
Dolmansaxlil Galactiped Corporation               R:10/204.
Dolmansaxlil Shoe Corporation                     R:11/216.
Dolmansaxlil Shoe Shop Intensifier Ray            R:11/219.
dolphins                                          I:23/119. IV:18/93;20/113.
Don Alfonso's tweezers                            IV:5/37.
'Don't Panic'                                     I:5/44. II:5/32.
door                                              I:11/75.
Dordellis wars                                    I:29/140.
doughnut                                          I:9/66.
Dr Scholl sandals                                 IV:28/145;28/152;31/156.
Dragon Burger Bar                                 IV:21/119.
drill, flying                                     IV:19/99;39/181.
Drimple                                           V:13/112;20/176.
ducks                                             IV:20/102.
Dust Cloud                                        III:25/123.
Dwellers in the Forest                            III:e/158.

Eadrax                                            II:2/15.
Eagle, Damogran Frond Crested                     I:4/37.
Earth (Mark Two)                                  I:24/123. R:3/69.
Earth, the                                        I:28/137. II:1/9. IV:5/31.
                                                  V:17/154. R:4/80;5/90;
earwig, navel of gigantic                         V:15/125.
East India Company                                II:2/16. R:1/18.
East River                                        IV:5/30;23/124.
East Village                                      V:2/8.
Easter Island                                     I:4/32.
Eastern Galactic Arm                              II:10/59.
Eastern Rim of the Galaxy                         V:9/71. R:1/18.
Eccentrica Gallumbits                             I:6/52;12/77. II:5/31.
                                                  III:6/36. IV:23/125.
Ed                                                V:15/125.
Eddie (the shipboard computer)                    I:16/90. IV:17/90. R:3/54.
Eddy (in the space-time continuum)                III:2/16;10/50;32/146.
Edelstein, Baron von                              A:23.
Eden, Garden of                                   II:30/162.
Edgbaston                                         III:4/20.
Eezzeereed, Galactic                              II:23/133.
Effa, Long Lands of                               III:17/84.
Effrafax of Wug                                   III:4/32.
egg sandwich                                      V:3/26.
eggshells, huge broken                            R:11/225.
Egyptians                                         IV:20/109.
Einstein                                          III:7/39.
Ekland, Britt                                     IV:16/88.
elderberry bush                                   I:9/65.
electric pencil                                   I:12/78.
electric sheep                                    III:31/137.
electric violin                                   II:16/82.
Electricity Board                                 IV:7/47.
electron ram                                      II:7/47. R:7/144.
Electronic Thumb                                  I:3/24.
elevator                                          II:6/37,41x. R:7/139,141x.
emu                                               IV:6/41;36/172.
Encyclopaedia Galactica                           II:5/31. R:1/18.
'end if'                                          V:18/169.
End of History                                    II:17/91.
End of Time                                       II:15/81.
England                                           I:6/51.
English Channel                                   IV:9/59.
Envir-O-Form                                      V:1/6.
environmentalists                                 II:21/122.
'EP'                                              V:22/203.
Epun                                              IV:10/64.
Eroticon 6                                        I:6/52. II:5/31.
Eroticon Six                                      III:6/36.
Eroticon VI                                       IV:23/125. R:1/30.
error look-up table                               V:1/3.
Escape-O-Buggy                                    IV:10/65.
Escher, Maurits C.                                V:9/82. IV:31/153.
Eskimos                                           IV:2/13.
Essence of Qualactin                              III:15/77.
Essex                                             III:12/66. V:3/27.
Ethel                                             IV:27/140.
ethics, Ford's code of                            V:8/59.
etymologists, half-crazed                         III:9/48.
Euston Road                                       IV:26/133.
EVA pod                                           R:7/136.
evening classes                                   R:12/230.
Event Maelstrom                                   I:9/64.
'Everything You Always Wanted To Know About
     Guilt, But Were Too Ashamed To Ask'          R:10/188.
'Everything You Never Wanted To Know About Sex
     But Have Been Forced To Find Out'            II:5/31.
Evildrome Boozarama                               II:16/85.
Exeter                                            IV:17/89.
'Expect the unexpected'                           R:10/195.
ex-Pralite monks                                  II:30/165.
express elevator                                  R:10/201.
'exquisite' (on a triple word score)              II:8/50.
Extreme Cleverness, Prize for                     I:10/69. R:2/42.
E-Z Press Buttons                                 A:4.

fahrenheit                                        III:6/35.
fairy cake                                        II:11/63. R:8/163.
Fallia, Marshes of                                I:2/21.
Fanalla                                           V:12/95.
fax                                               V:2/22.
Fenchurch                                         IV:12/77.
Fenchurch, disappearance of                       V:7/56.
Fenchurch Street Station                          IV:12/79.
Fenella                                           IV:5/35.
Fenny                                             IV:5/35.
Fiat                                              IV:3/16.
'Fifty-three More Things To Do In Zero Gravity'   I:p/7. R:1/18.
'filthy rotten stinking samelings'                R:6/112.
Final Message sunhats                             IV:40/184.
financial systems, four-dimensional topological
     model of the Guide's                         V:8/66.
Finlon                                            R:6/123.
Fintlewoodlewix                                   R:6/122.
Fiona                                             IV:8/57.
Fire Mountains of Frazfraga                       III:24/120.
First Aid                                         V:18/159.
fiscal policy                                     II:32/175. R:6/123.
fish                                              II:29/153. R:12/243.
fish bowl                                         IV:7/48;16/86;31/157x.
fish oil, inflammable                             V:16/144.
fish, two-headed                                  V:13/108;15/136.
Fitzmelton, Lady Cynthia                          R:1/22.
five hundred metre hurdles                        R:10/201.
five-year mission                                 IV:35/167.
fjords                                            I:22/117. II:31/166.
                                                  III:16/82. R:3/67;4/80.
fladish                                           V:13/112.
Flainian Pobble Bead                              II:19/114. R:5/102.
flare-riding                                      II:18/106.
Flargathon Gas Swamps                             IV:8/55.
Fleet Street                                      IV:28/144.
Flex-O-Panel                                      V:15/127.
flight 121                                        IV:29/147.
flollop, to                                       III:9/44.
floopily                                          III:9/44.
floopy                                            III:9/45.
fluff                                             IV:19/100. A:6.
flur, to                                          III:9/48.
flurble, to                                       III:9/45.
flying, art of                                    III:2/14;11/58x.
Flying Chiropodist                                R:12/240.
foie gras                                         V:23/206.
Folfanga                                          III:1/10.
Fook                                              I:25/126.
fools, ingenuity of complete                      V:12/102.
Foominster                                        A:21.
'foop'                                            III:4/31;9/48;22/114;
football                                          II:3/18.
footsy                                            R:10/201.
footwarrior                                       R:10/204.
footwear                                          V:12/100.
Ford Cortina                                      IV:3/17.
forty-two                                         I:27/135. II:1/9;20/117;
                                                  33/181. III:e/157.
                                                  IV:20/110. V:25/214.
Foth of Avalars                                   IV:21/117.
Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse                   V:16/139.
four-thirty                                       V:15/125.
Fragilis                                          IV:21/117.
France                                            I:4/32.
Frankie Mouse                                     I:31/146. R:4/82.
Frastra, fire storms of                           V:2/7.
Fraz, Constellation                               IV:26/137.
Frazfraga, Fire Mountains of                      III:24/120.
French Embassy                                    IV:20/112.
French fries                                      II:3/24. V:21/188.
frequent flyer                                    V:15/123.
Frobbington                                       A:21.
frogs                                             III:e/155.
Frogstar                                          V:12/102.
Frogstar Fighters                                 II:6/43. R:7/143.
Frogstar Prisoner Relations Officer               R:8/151.
Frogstar scout robot                              II:6/44. R:7/143.
Frogstar World A                                  II:9/53x.
Frogstar World B                                  II:9/53x.
Frogstar World B, history of                      II:10/61.
Frogstar World C                                  II:10/61.
frood                                             I:3/25. II:13/73;16/82.
froody                                            V:25/214. V:6/52.
Frootmig, Hurling                                 III:19/98.
fruit gum, brain-dead                             V:15/134.
fruit juice                                       II:5/33.
fruitbat                                          IV:27/143.
'Fuck', Rory Award for The Most Gratuitous Use
     Of The Word In A Serious Screenplay          III:22/114;25/122.
funts, bottomless hurtling hooping                V:8/64.
Fuolornis Fire Dragon                             IV:21/117.
Future Semi-Conditionally Modified Subinverted
     Plagal Past Subjunctive Intentional          II:15/80.

gabbleblotchit                                    I:7/54. R:1/31.
Gad, Frat                                         R:8/151.
gag, electronic                                   III:11/60.
Gagrakacka                                        II:24/138.
Gagrakacka Mind Zones                             II:17/88. V:8/63.
Galactibanks                                      II:19/114. R:5/102.
Galactic Alcoholics Anonymous                     R:7/135.
Galactic Centre                                   I:29/140.
Galactic Civil Service                            I:5/40. R:9/171.
Galactic Copyright laws                           II:19/113. R:5/101.
Galactic Eezzeereed                               II:23/133.
Galactic Empire                                   I:15/89. R:3/53.
Galactic Geo-Temporal Control Board               II:5/31.
Galactic Police                                   II:17/100.
Galactic President                                II:28/152.
Galactic Rotary Club, President of                R:7/139.
Galactic Statue of Narrative Practice             R:8/153.
Galactic tax department                           II:6/39. R:7/140.
Galactic Times Crossword                          R:6/115.
Galactic Tribunal                                 II:21/123.
Galacticredit card                                I:20/110.
Galacticspeke                                     I:4/32.
Galapagos Islands                                 R:6/114.
Galaxy o'Tawdry Merchandise                       A:8.
Galileo                                           IV:26/134.
Gallumbits, Eccentrica                            I:6/52;12/77. II:5/31.
                                                  III:6/36. IV:23/125.
game shows                                        V:5/34;21/191.
Gamma Barbeque                                    III:32/146.
Gamma Caves of Carfrax                            III:24/120.
Gan Green                                         III:18/92.
Garden of Eden                                    II:30/162.
Gargravarr, Pizpot                                II:9/56. R:8/162.
Garkbit                                           R:5/91.
gazelle                                           II:32/174. R:6/123.
geese                                             V:23/207;8/59.
Genghis Khan                                      I:1/11.
ge-N'N-T'N-ix                                     II:24/138.
Genuine People Personality                        I:11/74. R:2/44.
George the Third                                  III:2/14.
Gertrude                                          A:15.
G-Force                                           R:6/114.
G'Gugvunt(t) (G'Gugvant)                          I:31/144. R:4/81;10/188.
Gid, Prince of the Soofling Dynasty               V:9/72.
gin and tonic                                     III:2/13. R:1/29;6/117.
giraffe                                           III:2/14.
girl-being                                        II:17/88.
glacier                                           I:31/147. R:4/83;6/124.
glass bowl                                        IV:7/48;16/86;31/157x.
Glastonbury                                       III:19/99.
globber, to                                       III:9/44.
glurry, to                                        III:9/46.
gnab gib                                          II:17/101.
gnat, Ilford-based                                I:13/84.
gnat spray                                        I:3/25.
'Go stick your head in a pig'                     II:2/15. R:9/177.
God, phone number of                              I:25/130.
God, proof of non-existence of                    I:6/50. R:1/30.
God's Final Message to His creation               III:e/160. IV:34/163;
'Godspell'                                        I:3/30.
gold, subcutaneous                                IV:9/60.
Golden Bail (of Prosperity)                       III:10/50;25/122.
Golf GTi                                          IV:11/67.
golfing magazine                                  V:17/152.
Golgafrincham                                     II:25/146x. IV:25/132.
Golgafrincham Ark Fleet, Ship B, Hold Seven       II:23/133. R:6/116.
Golgafrincham jogging towel                       III:4/24.
good life, biro equivalent of the                 I:21/113. R:3/65.
Googleplex Star Thinker                           I:25/127. R:4/75.
'Googoogoogoogoo'                                 R:11/216.
Goonhilly                                         I:3/24.
goose pimples                                     V:2/10.
'Goosnargh'                                       IV:5/26.
Gorba Plant, Seven-Stomached                      A:3.
governing people, problems of                     R:12/242.
government spider                                 I:4/37.
GPP                                               I:11/74. R:2/44.
grandmother, Vogon                                I:5/45. R:6/114.
granola                                           A:21.
grapefruit                                        IV:23/125.
Grarp the Baker                                   V:13/110.
gravity, law of                                   III:20/102. R:10/200.
Great Circling Poets of Arium                     II:25/146. R:6/120.
Great Collapsing Hrung Disaster                   I:5/40.
Great Green Arkleseizure                          II:1/9. V:9/73. R:5/90.
Great Hyperlobic Omni-Cognate Neutron Wrangler    I:25/127. R:4/75.
Great On-Turning, day of the                      I:25/126.
Great Red Plain of Rars                           IV:40/183.
Great Ventilation and Telephone Riots             V:12/102.
Great White Handkerchief, Coming of The           II:1/9. R:5/90.
Greater Drubbered Wintwock of Stegbartle Major    IV:26/137.
Grebulons                                         V:1/2;21/184.
green, the colour                                 I:20/111.
Greenbridge, Essex                                I:7/53. R:1/31.
Greenpeace                                        IV:8/55;18/93.
Gretchen Town, New Betel                          II:16/85.
Grey Binding Fiefdoms of Saxaquine                IV:40/182.
grillion                                          III:14/76;31/138.
groop                                             I:7/54. R:1/31.
gruntbuggly, freddled                             I:7/54. R:1/31.
Grunthos the Flatulent                            I:7/53. R:1/31.
GSS Audacity                                      III:12/70.
GSS Daring                                        III:12/70.
GSS Suicidal Insanity                             III:12/70.
Guardian, The                                     III:4/22. IV:20/104.
'guidance'                                        V:9/71.
Guide, history of the                             III:19/98.
Guide, the                                        V:17/150.
Guildford                                         I:1/13. R:3/55.
guilt, quantum packets of                         R:10/188.
Guiness clock                                     IV:6/41.
gun turrets                                       V:21/194.
gun, vicious-looking                              V:16/143.
gunk music                                        I:12/77.
gupp, to                                          III:9/46.
guys with green wings                             IV:40/189.

habra leaves                                      III:17/84.
Hactar                                            III:24/120;32/142.
Hades                                             III:12/67.
Hadra                                             II:16/85.
Haggunenon Underfleet commander                   R:6/110.
Haggunenons                                       R:6/112x.
Hairdressers' Fire Development Sub-Committee      II:32/171. R:6/122.
Halfrunt, Gag                                     I:12/77. II:2/12x.
Hall and Woodhouse                                IV:9/58.
Hallapolis State Opera                            V:16/145.
Halley's Comet                                    IV:27/140.
Halls of Asgard                                   II:17/96. R:5/95.
halma, electronic                                 R:9/175.
ham croissant                                     III:19/99.
hamburgers                                        V:21/187.
Hamlet                                            I:9/68. R:2/42.
hammer (Thor's)                                   II:17/96.
Hampshire                                         III:12/68.
Han Dold City                                     IV:4/18.
Han Wavel                                         III:11/56x.
hangnails                                         A:4.
Happy Hour Time                                   A:4.
Happy Vertical People Transporter                 R:7/139,141x.
Harl, Vann                                        V:6/47.
'Harmless'                                        I:6/52. R:1/30.
Harrods                                           II:17/98. IV:36/170.
Harsh Economic Truths class 17                    R:11/221.
Hastromil                                         II:17/101.
hate                                              R:9/183.
'Have a nice day'                                 V:11/93.
Hawalius                                          V:9/71.
Heart of Gold                                     I:4/32;11/70. II:2/11.
                                                  IV:17/90. R:2/41.
'Heartbreak Hotel'                                V:22/202.
Heathrow                                          V:2/24.
heat-sink                                         II:18/106.
'Heavily Modified Face Flannels'                  R:8/151.
hedgehog                                          IV:5/34;7/57.
heebiephone, octaventral                          III:16/80.
Heimlich Maneuver                                 A:3.
Henley                                            V:4/30.
Henry V                                           IV:20/104.
Henson, Murray Bost                               IV:27/139.
Heppi-Werld III                                   II:22/128.
Herring Sandwich experiments                      V:6/42.
hessian wall weave, dark brown                    II:22/130.
hessian wall weave, grey                          V:8/62.
'Hi'                                              I:4/37.
high poles, village of                            V:9/79.
Hills of Hunian                                   II:30/165.
Hingefreel                                        V:1/1.
'history [...] is bunk'                           III:17/83.
History Department of the University of
     Maximegalon                                  V:1/2;3/27.
holdall, navy-blue                                III:20/102.
hole, bird-shaped                                 V:12/101.
Hollop, Lord High Sanvalvwag of                   III:9/44.
Hollywood                                         IV:30/148.
Holy Lunching Friars of Voondoon                  III:19/98.
'Holy Zarquon's singing fish'                     R:10/191.
Home Brain Box                                    III:1/11.
Hondo Mountains                                   V:13/116.
Hooli, Princess of Raui Alpha                     V:9/72.
Hooloovoo                                         I:4/34.
hoopy                                             I:3/25. II:3/26;23/133.
Horse and Groom                                   I:1/16. IV:6/41.
horse chestnuts                                   II:33/182.
Horsehead Nebula                                  I:12/79. IV:5/37. R:3/53.
hot air                                           V:12/102.
Hot Tub Lakes, Heart-Shaped                       A:2.
Hounslow                                          IV:26/136.
House of Remainders                               A:8.
housefly, six-foot-high hologram of a             III:18/88.
household robots                                  R:10/200.
'How I Scaled the North Face of the Megapurna
     with a Perfectly Healthy Finger But
     Everything Else Sprained, Broken or Bitten
     Off By a Pack of Mad Yaks'                   R:11/210.
'How I Survived an Hour with a Sprained Finger'   R:11/210.
'How many roads must a man walk down?'            I:32/151.
How, Why, and Where phases                        I:35/159. II:20/116.
Hrundi four-berth runabout                        V:13/108;23/205.
Hrung Disaster, Great Collapsing                  I:5/40.
hrungmus, 20-armed                                A:4.
Hudson, President                                 V:2/13.
Hunian, Hills of                                  II:30/165.
Hunt the Wocket                                   V:6/40;8/60;12/97.
Huntringfurl                                      R:11/218.
Hurtenflurst, Hig                                 R:11/216.
Hyde Park                                         IV:18/96;20/102. R:3/59.
hyena offal, bucket of                            R:9/180.
hyperbinoptic glasses                             II:21/122.
hyperbridge, cyberstructed                        III:9/47.
hyperhearse, galactic                             II:20/116.
hypermathematics                                  II:17/89;III:17/83.
hyperspace bypass                                 V:3/27.
Hyperspace Planning Council                       II:2/11. R:1/25.
hyperspatial field generator                      R:5/103.

'I Left my Leg in Jaglan Beta'                    III:22/108.
'I seem to be having tremendous difficulty with
     my lifestyle'                                I:30/144. R:4/81.
ICBM silo                                         IV:4/19.
Ice Crystal Pyramids of Sastantua                 III:11/59.
ice lollies                                       III:4/23.
Ice Storms of Varlengooten                        III:24/120.
ice-cream, pecan-flavoured                        V:3/27.
ice-floes, Arctic                                 III:4/23.
Ident-i-Eeze                                      V:6/50.
idiots, very rich                                 I:17/99.
if clauses                                        V:24/212.
Igor                                              A:22.
iguana                                            II:16/84. IV:37/174.
Ilford                                            I:13/84.
imagery intensifier                               I:7/53.
Imperial Galactic Government delivery service     A:8.
in-building climate control                       V:12/103.
income tax                                        I:25/126. R:4/74.
Indian Wrestling                                  I:1/16.
'ineffable'                                       V:13/114.
InfiniDim Enterprises                             V:6/48;10/85;22/200.
Infinite Improbability Drive                      I:10/68x. II:2/11.
infinity                                          I:24/121.
infinity, definition of                           II:19/113.
in-flight magazine                                V:16/143.
in-flight movie, holographic                      V:16/145.
Infra Dead                                        III:18/92.
infra-pink lizard emblem                          II:18/107. R:5/99.
insect, large pink-winged                         II:6/34.
insurance business                                V:13/118.
integral mathematics, infrastructure of           R:9/170.
'Interactive Subjectivity Frameworks'             III:7/40.
intergalactic bar billiards                       II:34/186. R:6/126.
invisible, technology of making                   III:4/32.
ion-buggies                                       III:9/47.
irrational particle accelerator                   III:1/9.
Isleworth                                         IV:26/136.
Islington                                         I:8/63;13/84. III:1/7.
                                                  IV:18/92. R:2/39,48.
Istanbul                                          IV:5/29.
'it,' the                                         II:17/95.
Italian bistro                                    III:4/33.
Italian high wire act                             R:12/234r.
Italy                                             IV:16/89.
'It's a nice day'                                 I:5/42. II:21/123.
Ix                                                I:5/41.

Jaglan Beta                                       I:3/25. IV:20/115.
Jaglan Beta, third moon of                        II:18/107. R:5/99.
Jajazikstak, Strangulous Stilettans of            III:24/120.
Janx Spirit                                       I:1/16;2/20. II:27/151.
                                                  IV:5/26. R:12/240.
Jatravartid                                       II:1/9. R:5/90.
Jeltz, Prostetnic Vogon                           I:5/39x. II:2/11.
                                                  V:25/219. R:1/25;9/170x.
Jennings, Paula Nancy Millstone                   R:1/31.
jet lag                                           V:4/29.
Jim                                               IV:14/83.
jinond-o-nicks                                    II:24/138.
Jodrell Bank                                      I:3/24.
joggers                                           II:22/132.
jogging towel, Golgafrincham                      III:4/24.
Johannesburg                                      I:8/62.
joint faculty of Divinity and Water Polo          V:1/2.
Joo Janta 200 Super-Chromatic Peril Sensitive
     Sunglasses                                   II:5/33. A:7.
joojooflop                                        R:10/202.
joopleberry shrub                                 R:7/133.
'Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat'   I:3/29.
Judgement Day                                     R:5/96.
Judiciary Pag                                     III:14/74.
junior programmer                                 I:25/129.
junk food                                         II:30/162.
junk mail                                         IV:4/20;7/46;15/85.
jynnan tonnyx                                     II:24/138.

Kakrafoon                                         I:3/25. II:18/110;21/120.
                                                  IV:20/114. R:7/136.
Kapelsen, Mrs Enid of Boston, Massachusetts       IV:26/138;34/163.
Keith, Penelope                                   R:1/23r.
Kent                                              III:12/68.
kettle                                            II:3/17.
Kevin                                             V:3/27.
'Kevin and out'                                   R:7/131.
Kiasbanil                                         R:11/218.
kill-Arthur-Dent body                             III:18/94.
Kill-O-Zap                                        I:32/152. III:11/63.
King, the                                         V:20/179;22/197.
King's Cross railway station passenger inquiries  III:e/154.
Kirp                                              V:13/108;15/136.
Knopfler, Mark                                    IV:22/120.
Know-Nothing-Bozo (the Non-Wonder Dog)            IV:6/42.
Krart                                             V:9/72.
Kria, Azgoths of                                  I:7/53. R:1/31.
Krikkit                                           IV:24/127.
Krikkit, Masters of                               III:12/66.
Krikkit One                                       III:12/70.
Krikkit, sky of                                   III:3/18;10/53.
Krikkit War Computer                              III:31/136.
Krikkit War Crimes Trial, Board of Judges at the  III:14/74.
Krikkit Wars                                      III:10/49.

Lajestic Vantrashell of Lob                       III:e/161. IV:40/183.
Lalamatine district                               II:5/32.
Lallafa                                           III:17/83.
Lamuella                                          V:13/108;15/122.
Land Where Fish are Eternally Blessed             IV:4/20.
landslide                                         III:20/101.
'Language, Truth and Logic'                       IV:30/148.
lark, two-week-dead                               I:5/44.
'Late, as in the late Dentarthurdent'             I:22/118. R:3/67.
lavatory facilities                               II:18/104.
lawn mower                                        V:4/29.
layer cake                                        R:11/215.
Lazlar LyriKon Kustom                             R:5/99.
Leader, the                                       V:21/186.
Learned, Impartial and Very Relaxed (LIVR)        III:14/74.
Leda and the Octopus, statue of                   V:6/46.
Left Luggage Office                               IV:12/78.
Lemon Zester Attachment                           A:4.
lemons                                            V:17/149.
lemon-soaked paper napkins                        II:12/67,70. R:12/238.
lemur                                             IV:24/126.
Leno, Jay                                         V:2/9.
leopard                                           R:6/110.
leopard-skin bag                                  III:18/89,97;20/103.
Letchworth                                        IV:35/165.
Letterman, David                                  V:2/9.
life, beginning of                                I:9/64.
'Life begins at Five Hundred and Fifty'           II:5/31.
Life Boulevard                                    II:5/32.
life, definition of                               R:10/192.
'Life is wasted on the living'                    II:3/25.
'Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness'      R:11/208.
lifestyle                                         I:30/144.
LifeSupport-O-System                              V:1/6.
Light City                                        II:5/31.
light music                                       II:4/30;16/83. V:25/219.
light, speed of                                   V:1/1.
Limitless Lightfields of Flanux                   IV:40/182.
Lingua Centauri                                   IV:8/56.
lint-free cloth                                   IV:31/159.
Lintilla                                          R:10/206;11/214x.
liquid lunch                                      III:1/9.
Liquidator's Clearinghouse                        A:8.
Liska, snow plains of                             III:11/59.
Liver Purple                                      III:18/92.
LIVR (the Learned, Impartial and Very Relaxed)    III:14/74.
lizards                                           IV:36/170.
Loathsome Lilac                                   III:18/92.
Lob, Lajestic Vantrashell of                      III:e/161. IV:40/183.
Lock, the                                         III:14/77;25/124.
logic, puff of                                    I:6/50. R:1/30.
Logistical Administration                         V:12/96.
London                                            I:1/9. III:2/18;19/99.
                                                  IV:12/76. R:2/48.
London Speaking Clock                             IV:35/169.
London Underground                                I:20/109.
London Zoo                                        V:23/206.
Long Land, Songs of the                           III:17/83.
Loonquawl                                         I:27/134.
Lord High Sanvalvwag of Hollop                    III:9/44.
Lord, the                                         II:29/158. R:12/245.
Lord's Cricket Ground                             III:2/18;19/99.
Los Angeles                                       IV:5/29;15/84;29/147.
'Love Me Tender'                                  V:22/201.
lovermatics                                       R:10/200.
Lower East Side                                   V:12/100.
lullaby, Marvin's                                 III:31/137.
Lunch                                             III:19/98.
lunch-break, editorial                            III:19/98.
lungfish                                          II:32/175.
Lunkwill                                          I:25/126.
lurgle, to                                        III:9/48.
Lurk mode                                         V:1/6.
Lury, Lig Jr                                      III:19/99.
Lusitania                                         R:6/113.
Lux-O-Valve                                       III:4/32.
Lyricon, Lazlar                                   II:18/107.
LyriKon, Lazlar                                   R:5/99.

MacManus, Mr                                      V:2/14.
'Mad About the Boy'                               III:4/28.
Madagascar                                        V:23/207.
Magapurna                                         R:11/210.
magic hill                                        III:19/100.
magician                                          III:15/79.
Magnificient Seven, The                           IV:39/181.
Magramal                                          III:4/32.
Magrathea                                         I:15/89x. R:3/53x.
mail order                                        V:21/188.
mailbox, small                                    A:23.
maitre d'                                         III:6/38.
Majikthise                                        I:25/129. R:4/76.
major prophets, village of                        V:9/71.
Malaga                                            IV:27/141.
Malibu                                            IV:30/149.
Management Consultant                             II:32/170,175. R:6/118.
Manhattan                                         II:21/120.
margarine manufacturers, Australian               III:4/31.
market analyst                                    I:9/63.
Marks and Spencer                                 IV:26/136. R:8/156;11/210.
Mars                                              IV:9/60.
Mars (bar wrapper)                                IV:24/126.
Marshes of Fallia                                 I:2/21.
Martin, Andy                                      V:2/11.
Marvin                                            IV:25/132;40/185.
M*A*S*H                                           V:21/185.
Masterpiece Theatre                               V:2/9.
matador                                           V:19/173.
matter transference beam                          II:22/127. R:1/26.
Matter Yellow                                     III:18/92.
mattress                                          I:5/44. II:29/155.
Maxelcat                                          R:7/131.
Maxi                                              IV:3/16.
maximegalacticians, green sylph-like              I:4/34.
Maximegalon                                       II:21/121. R:4/75.
Maximegalon Institute of Slowly and Painfully
     Working Out the Surprisingly Obvious
     (MISPWOSO)                                   V:6/42.
Maximegalon Museum of Diseased Imaginings         II:24/137.
Maximegalon, University of                        I:21/112. II:17/89. V:1/2.
Maxi-Slorta Hypernuclear Devices                  III:14/75.
May 14th                                          V:15/129.
MCC                                               III:32/147.
McCartney, Linda                                  III:12/66.
McCartney, Paul                                   III:12/66;29/133.
McDonald's                                        I:6/51;7/61. V:21/187.
McKenna, Rob                                      IV:2/12;16/88.
McKenna's All-Weather Haulage                     IV:5/38;10/68;16/88.
McMillan, Tricia                                  I:13/85. II:1/10. V:2/8.
Meaning of Life, The                              II:20/117.
Mega Market, Duty Free on Port Brasta             IV:1/10;7/56.
Megabang drum                                     II:21/120.
Megabrantis cluster                               I:5/40.
Megacamel, Arcturan                               R:10/188.
Megadodo Publications                             II:6/34. R:5/104.
Megadonkey, Arcturan                              I:25/127;31/146. R:4/75.
Megafreighter, Arcturan                           I:29/140. II:5/32.
Mega-gin, Arcturan                                I:2/21.
Megagnats, Arcturan                               R:7/136.
Megagrasshopper, Arcturan                         II:22/131.
Megaleech, Arcturan                               III:16/80.
Megalycee, Brantisvogan                           R:11/221.
Megamarket                                        R:9/186.
MegaMart                                          A:8.
megapuppy                                         II:3/25.
Megavoidwhale, Arcturan                           III:12/70.
Meggie                                            II:22/129.
Melbourne                                         III:4/29.
Mella                                             II:34/185. IV:25/132.
mental block                                      V:8/67.
Merida class, spaceship of                        III:e/152.
Met Office                                        IV:27/141.
mice                                              I:14/86;24/124. II:20/117.
Mid Town                                          V:2/8.
Mid-Galactic Arts Nobbling Council                I:7/53. R:1/31.
Mid-Galactic Census Report                        IV:1/9.
Midlands industrial city, small                   III:8/42.
military academy                                  I:5/42. R:1/26.
Miller, Mr                                        V:2/23.
Milliard Gargantu(a)brain                         I:25/127. R:4/75.
Milliways                                         II:14/78;15/79x;16/82x.
Milliways Lunch Menu                              II:20/115.
Millstone Jennings, Paula Nancy                   I:7/53.
Mincefriend, Gogrilla                             R:7/142.
Mind Zoo                                          III:9/47.
mind-surfers                                      II:5/32.
Mind-Surfing                                      II:30/165.
Minetti, Mo                                       V:2/9.
MISPWOSO (Maximegalon Institute of Slowly and
     Painfully Working Out the Surprisingly
     Obvious)                                     V:6/42.
missing matter                                    V:17/147.
Mister Tawdry                                     A:8.
'Mode Execute Ready'                              IV:5/30.
monkeys, infinite number of                       I:9/68. R:2/42.
monster, green bug-eyed                           I:5/43. R:1/26.
monsters, beautiful                               II:25/146. R:6/121.
monsters, naughty bug-eyed                        I:19/105. R:3/61.
Mosaic Lizard, Antarean                           II:14/76.
Moses                                             III:4/29,31. IV:20/109.
'Mostly Harmless'                                 I:6/52;7/61. IV:3/18.
Moth                                              I:3/25. R:7/136.
Mueller, Karl                                     V:4/30.
Mueller, Stavro                                   V:4/30;25/218.
Mulholland Drive                                  IV:30/148.
multicluster quark drive                          II:18/107. R:5/99.
Multicorticoid Perspicutron Titan Muller          I:25/127.
'My Favourite Bathtime Gurgles'                   I:7/53. R:1/31.

Narrative Practice, Galactic Statue of            R:8/153.
National Enquirer                                 V:5/38.
Nausalia                                          IV:5/30.
NBS                                               V:2/9.
Nelson's Column                                   I:6/51;7/61.
Neo-Descartian Relative Truth Monitor             A:4.
Neomathematics                                    II:17/89.
neon, green                                       III:18/86.
Neo-Relativity                                    IV:4/19.
Neptune                                           V:2/16.
netball                                           V:11/91.
neutrino                                          V:3/26.
neutron phase speaker                             II:21/120.
'Never go back for your bag'                      V:2/17,23.
New Betel                                         II:16/85.
New Earth                                         I:26/131.
New Forests                                       III:12/68.
New Hampshire                                     V:21/188.
New Mexico                                        V:22/197.
New York                                          I:6/51;23/119. IV:5/29;
                                                  23/124. V:2/7;12/100;
                                                  21/183. R:3/68.
newcumber                                         V:13/112.
Newton, Sir Isaac                                 R:6/112.
Nicholls, Harvey                                  IV:36/170.
Nil-O-Grav                                        III:27/128.
Ningi, Triganic                                   II:19/114. R:5/102.
No. 3 gauge prising tool                          V:6/40.
'No Sex Please, We're Amoeboid Zingat-Ularians'   R:3/69.
no tea                                            A:7.
'None at all'                                     I:1/13;4/35. R:1/19.
non-pushing-people-about officers                 R:2/38.
non-shouting officers                             R:2/38.
Normality Assert-i-Tron, Sub-Cyclic               II:3/20.
North London restaurant                           III:6/35.
North West ripple of the Galaxy                   V:9/79.
Norway                                            I:24/123. R:3/69.
Norway, award for                                 I:30/143. R:4/80.
Nostradamus                                       IV:9/58.
'Nothing Personal, Damascus'                      V:2/13.
NowWhat                                           V:7/53;22/201.
NowWhat, President of                             V:7/53.
Noxios                                            IV:5/30.
Nullify, Reg                                      II:17/92.
Number One                                        II:24/135. R:6/117.
number three airlock                              I:7/56.
Number Two                                        II:24/135;32/173. R:6/117.
number two entry bay                              I:11/72.
numbers, non-absolute                             III:7/39.
nut tree                                          II:10/59. R:8/163.
Nutrimatic Drink Dispenser                        I:17/94x. II:2/15.
                                                  III:11/57. R:9/177x.

'O' levels                                        V:15/126.
'Ode To A Small Lump of Green Putty I Found In
     My Armpit One Midsummer Morning'             I:7/53. R:1/31.
'Off'                                             IV:5/30.
office chair, blue leatherette foam filled
     swivel-seated                                V:8/65.
officers, non-pushing-people-about                R:2/38.
officers, non-shouting                            R:2/38.
Oglanuts                                          II:10/59. R:8/163.
Oglaroon                                          II:10/59. R:8/163.
'Oh no, not again'                                I:18/103 R:3/60.
'Oh. Well that's all right then'                  IV:20/111;31/151;31/155.
OhWell                                            V:7/54.
okapi                                             R:6/109.
Ol' Janx Spirit                                   I:1/16;2/20. II:27/151.
                                                  IV:5/26. V:12/95.
Old Elms Hospital                                 IV:8/56.
Old Pink Dog Bar                                  IV:4/18.
Old Thrashbarg                                    V:13/107,113.
olive                                             I:2/21.
olive oil, Greek                                  III:20/103;e/152.
Omni-Destructo Zap rays                           III:14/75.
oomph                                             III:30/135.
Open University Study Courses                     IV:7/48.
oracles, village of                               V:9/73.
oranges                                           V:17/149.
orders signed in triplicate                       I:5/45.
origami, self-opening                             V:17/148.
Orion Beta                                        I:1/16.
Oscar                                             V:2/9.
Ouisghian Zodahs                                  II:24/139.
Outside of the Asylum, The                        IV:15/85;28/146;28/152x.
Oxford Street                                     R:11/219.

Pacific Ocean                                     IV:30/149.
Pag                                               III:14/74.
Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster                       I:2/20x. II:8/52;16/82.
'Panic'                                           V:12/106.
Pansel system                                     I:9/64. R:9/180.
paper bag                                         I:3/27.
paper clip                                        II:7/46.
paper hat                                         I:9/63.
papier mache                                      I:4/37.
paprika                                           IV:35/165.
paraffin stove                                    R:6/113.
parakeet gland, Antarean                          I:17/99.
parallel universes                                V:3/25x.
Paralyso-Matic bomb                               I:4/38.
paranoia, perfectly normal                        I:30/143. R:4/80.
parcel, the                                       V:14/120;15/135.
parliamentary democracy                           V:2/18.
party                                             III:21/106x.
Paula Nancy Millstone Jennings                    I:7/53.
Pavlov                                            I:24/124.
pea shooter                                       A:14.
peanut                                            I:3/26;8/62. IV:6/45.
peanuts, packet of                                R:1/24;7/141.
pears                                             II:30/162.
pears Galumbit                                    R:5/98.
Peking                                            I:13/84.
Pelmanism                                         IV:7/52.
pencil                                            III:28/130.
pencil, stub of                                   II:29/154.
penguin                                           I:9/67. R:2/41.
Perfectly Normal Beasts                           V:13/107,116;19/171.
Peril Sensitive Sunglasses, Joo Janta 200
     Super-Chromatic                              II:5/33. A:7.
Persephone                                        V:2/15.
perspective, glass of                             III:17/84.
Perspex Pillar (of Science and Reason)            III:10/50;25/122.
perspulex running boards                          II:18/107.
Peter                                             III:4/20.
'Peter and out'                                   R:7/131.
petunias, bowl of                                 I:16/94;18/102. III:18/95.
Phargilor Kangaroo Relocation Drive               R:6/115.
pheromone control                                 II:30/165.
Phil                                              I:13/84. R:2/48.
photocopier, solar-powered                        V:9/77.
photon drive                                      II:3/18.
photon storms                                     II:17/94. R:5/95.
photon-ajuitar                                    II:21/120.
Photrazon Cannon, 30-Megahurt Definit-Kil         II:3/19.
Phouchg                                           I:27/134.
Physics                                           IV:26/133.
physucturalist, octopodic                         I:4/34.
pi times r squared, pie-eyed                      III:22/108.
pig-farming                                       V:2/16.
'pig's ear'                                       II:3/25. R:9/184.
pikka birds                                       V:13/107;20/175.
pink                                              IV:31/153.
Pink Floyd                                        R:3/62.
Pintleton Alpha                                   V:11/88.
piranha bees                                      II:24/143. R:6/119.
Pisa                                              IV:26/134.
pizza                                             IV:18/92;26/137.
Plagal Past Subjunctive Intentional, Future
     Semi-Conditionally Modified Subinverted      II:15/80.
planet-smashing axe, atomic-powered supersonic    A:15.
plastic cup, non-biodegradable                    II:12/67.
'Playbeing'                                       II:5/30. R:7/130.
Pleiades Epsilon                                  IV:35/166.
Pleiades Zeta                                     IV:10/64;35/166.
Plural zone                                       V:7/56;17/154;24/209.
Pluto                                             V:2/15.
Pobble Bead, Flanian                              II:19/114.
Podium of Justice                                 III:e/154.
poetry                                            I:7/53x. R:1/31x.
Poetry Appreciation chairs                        I:7/53.
Poffla Vigus, Vice-President of                   V:9/72.
Poghril                                           I:9/64. R:9/180.
Pole Star                                         IV:9/60.
policeman                                         III:4/19.
pollo sorpreso                                    III:6/38.
Polly                                             V:2/21.
poltergeist                                       IV:4/20.
polystyrene packaging                             I:17/98.
Pondermatic                                       I:25/127.
Poodoo                                            R:12/232.
Porsche                                           IV:1/12;2/15;6/43.
Port Brasta, Alpha Centauri                       IV:1/10.
Port Sesefron                                     IV:10/65.
Portland Place                                    V:23/205.
postcard                                          IV:40/183.
potato crisps                                     III:22/116;23/119.
potatoes, sack of                                 III:24/120.
power drill                                       IV:19/99.
'Practical Parenting in a Fractally Demented
     Universe'                                    V:15/125.
Prak                                              III:e/152. IV:31/156;
pram, electric                                    III:6/36.
Praxibetel communities                            I:5/40.
prayer, individually tailored                     V:9/84.
Prefect, Ford                                     I:1/13x;5/40x. IV:3/18.
Preliumtarn                                       III:e/161. IV:34/163;
President of Galactic Rotary Club                 R:7/139.
President of NowWhat                              V:7/53.
President of the Galaxy                           II:1/10.
President of the Imperial Galactic Government     I:4/33x. R:9/184x.
President of the United States of America         IV:6/43.
Presley, Elvis                                    V:5/35;22/204.
prime number, the highest                         I:9/64.
Prince Gid of the Soofling Dynasty                V:9/72.
Prince Regent                                     IV:18/92.
princes                                           II:25/146. R:6/121.
Princes of the Plains                             III:e/158.
Princess Hooli of Raui Alpha                      V:9/72.
princesses, ravening                              II:25/146
Prism Mountains                                   III:11/59.
privet bush                                       II:33/180. III:18/94.
Prize for Extreme Cleverness                      I:10/69.
projectorscope                                    R:11/218.
Prosser, Mr L.                                    I:1/10x. R:1/18.
Prostetnic Vogon Jeltz                            I:5/39x. II:2/11.
                                                  V:25/219. R:1/25;9/170x.
pseudo-fracture                                   R:11/209.
pseudo-glass                                      III:23/118.
pseudo-inches                                     V:6/50.
pterodactyl-like creatures                        III:22/110.
pterospondes                                      V:6/45.
Pu, Triganic                                      II:19/114. R:5/102.
puff of logic                                     I:6/50. R:1/30.
puff of unsmoke                                   R:12/237.

Q (on a triple word score)                        II:33/178. R:6/124.
Q (the letter)                                    II:33/180.
QQ7 Active J Gamma                                III:e/161. IV:34/163.
quadruple sterated octohelix                      R:6/112.
Qualactin Hypermint extract                       I:2/21.
Qualactin Zones                                   I:2/21.
Quarlvista, Royal World Estate of                 R:10/202.
Quentulus Quazgar Mountains                       III:e/161. IV:34/163;
Quest for Ultimate Truth                          I:25/129. R:4/76.
Question, the Ultimate                            I:28/136. II:33/183.
Question to the Ultimate Answer                   III:e/154,157.
Quordlepleen, Max                                 II:17/91. R:5/93.
Qwang's Drive-In Asteroid                         A:8.

R                                                 I:34/157x.
R17                                               I:34/157.
rabbit                                            II:33/180. III:18/89.
rabbit skin, bag of                               III:1/11;4/24;18/89.
rabbits (in waistcoats)                           IV:20/108.
Radiation Swamps of Cwulzenda                     III:24/120.
Rahm                                              I:16/92. R:3/55.
Rain God                                          IV:2/15;27/141;33/161.
rain types                                        IV:2/13.
Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head                 IV:16/88.
Random                                            V:13/118.
raspberries                                       II:30/162.
rat, lower intestines of                          V:2/7.
ratchet screwdriver                               III:9/43x. IV:37/175.
Raui Alpha                                        V:9/72.
Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal                I:3/25;5/45. II:6/36;
                                                  24/140. R:1/27;6/114;
Reader's Digest                                   I:2/22. R:1/22.
Reading                                           I:8/62.
real thing, the                                   R:11/226.
Reason, story of the                              III:e/158.
recipriversexcluson                               III:7/39.
reconnaissance ship                               V:1/2;25/217.
Recreational Illusions Institute Awards Ceremony,
     Annual Ursa Minor Alpha                      III:22/114.
recursion, infinite                               V:15/125.
recursive functions                               V:24/212.
Red Sea                                           IV:20/109.
Refracto-Nullifier                                III:4/32.
Regent's Park                                     IV:37/174. V:21/194.
Renault                                           IV:3/16.
Reptile House                                     IV:37/174.
Resettlement Advice Centre                        V:11/88.
'Rest and Recuperation'                           IV:19/100.
Restaurant at the End of the Universe             II:2/14;14/78;15/79x;
                                                  16/82x. R:5/93x.
restaurant bill                                   V:6/51.
restaurant column                                 V:6/48.
Retribution, Anticipation and Diplomacy           R:6/109.
retsina                                           III:20/105.
reverse temporal engineering                      V:17/155;24/212.
Revolution No. Nine                               R:2/40r.
rewind control                                    III:10/49.
rhododendron bush                                 A:14.
rhythmic modulator                                I:7/53.
Rice Crispies                                     IV:35/165.
rice pudding                                      I:25/126. R:4/74.
rice wine                                         III:12/71.
Rich Tea                                          IV:20/104.
Richmond                                          IV:26/136.
Rickmansworth                                     I:p/6. IV:p/8;5/39;
                                                  20/110x. R:2/35.
Rick's Bar                                        IV:39/182.
Riktanarqals                                      V:12/95.
Road Research Laboratory                          IV:6/45.
robot, definition of                              I:11/73.
robot drone                                       V:15/135.
robot, silver                                     IV:36/170;37/173.
Robot War Zones                                   III:30/133.
robots, tiny flying                               IV:37/173.
robots, tiny molecular                            V:8/69.
robots, white                                     III:4/30.
rocket launcher, mobile                           V:10/85.
Rome                                              II:32/171.
Ron                                               II:22/129.
Room of Informational Illusions                   III:8/40.
Roopy Ga Stip                                     V:9/72.
Roosta                                            II:7/46. R:7/136.
Rory Award for The Most Gratuitous Use Of The
     Word 'Fuck' In A Serious Screenplay          III:22/114;25/122.
Royal Agricultural Hall of Islington              IV:18/93.
Royal World Estate of Quarlvista                  R:10/202.
rubber bands, pair of                             III:1/9.
rubber duck                                       II:32/175. R:6/123.
Rudlit Desert                                     II:21/120.
ruler of the Universe                             II:29/157. R:12/244.
rum, Fanallan                                     V:12/95.
Rupert                                            V:2/15;5/37;21/183.
Russell                                           IV:5/33.
'Ruurgggghhhh urrggghh; urgh urgh (uh ruh) ...'   II:30/162.
RW6                                               V:17/157.
Rymplon (tm)                                      V:13/110;25/216.

Saab                                              IV:3/17.
Sahara                                            IV:27/141.
salad, green                                      II:17/93.
Salad-Slasher Attachment                          A:4.
sales brochure                                    I:11/74.
Salisbury                                         R:11/210.
San Fernando Valley                               IV:30/148.
San Francisco                                     IV:15/85.
sand blizzard, Aldebaran                          R:4/75.
sand blizzard, Dangrabad Beta                     I:25/127.
sandwich                                          IV:12/73. V:9/76,80;11/89.
Sandwich Maker                                    V:13/110.
sandwiches, art of making                         V:13/110.
Santa Barbara                                     IV:30/150.
Santa Monica                                      IV:30/149.
Santorini                                         III:20/105.
Santraginus sea shells                            II:16/83.
Santraginus V                                     I:2/20;3/25. II:21/121.
                                                  IV:20/114. V:2/7. R:7/136.
Saquo-Pilia Hensha                                V:6/40.
sarcasm                                           V:18/165.
sash, orange                                      I:4/35.
sass, to                                          I:3/25. R:8/151.
Sastantua, Ice Crystal Pyramids of                III:11/59.
Saturday afternoon                                II:5/30.
Saunders, Emily                                   V:8/60.
sausage                                           II:25/150. V:17/154.
sausage, electronic                               II:7/48. R:7/145.
Saxaquine of the Quenelux                         IV:21/117.
Schecter Custom Stratocaster                      IV:22/120.
Scottish bagpipe music, record of                 IV:12/80.
Scrabble                                          II:33/179. R:5/104;6/124.
scuttling crabs, scintillating jewelled           I:5/39. V:24/211. R:9/171.
sea-monster pool                                  V:12/99.
Seattle                                           IV:16/89.
security camera                                   V:2/17,19.
self-loathing                                     V:2/18.
Sens-O-Shower                                     III:14/77.
Sens-O-Tape                                       I:26/131.
service robots, miniature                         II:2/15.
Sesefras Magna                                    IV:10/64;35/169.
Seventh Avenue                                    IV:23/124.
seventh dimension                                 II:34/186.
Seventh Galaxy of Light and Ingenuity             I:25/127. R:4/75.
Sevorbeupstry                                     III:e/161. IV:34/163;
sex                                               II:19/114. R:5/101.
shade of the colour blue, super-intelligent       I:4/34;21/113. R:3/65.
Shaltanac                                         R:7/133.
shame, disease of                                 I:5/41.
'Share and Enjoy'                                 II:2/15. R:9/176.
sheep                                             IV:7/51. V:12/105.
sheep, electric                                   III:31/137.
Sheraton Park Tower                               IV:36/170.
Sherpas                                           III:22/117.
Sherrin, Ned                                      V:4/28.
'shit'                                            II:33/183.
shoe box                                          R:6/111.
Shoe Event Horizon                                II:10/61. R:11/221,223.
shoe shops                                        II:10/61.
shoes                                             V:12/100;25/214. R:11/215.
shrubbery                                         R:2/35r.
Siderial Daily Mentioner                          III:3/18;5/34;e/152.
Siderial Record Straightener                      R:11/214.
Sidney                                            II:22/129.
Silastic Armorfiends of Striterax                 III:24/119.
Silver Bail (of Peace)                            III:10/50;22/111;25/122.
Silvolvia                                         II:24/138.
simile dumper                                     I:7/53.
Sinai                                             III:4/29.
Single Transferable Vote system                   IV:19/99.
Sirian State Mental Hospital                      II:6/39,41. R:7/140.
Sirius                                            II:22/129.
Sirius B, Young Conservatives from                II:17/96. R:5/96.
Sirius Cybernetics Corporation                    I:11/73. II:2/15.
                                                  IV:35/165. R:2/44;7/139.
Sirius Cybernetics Corporation Complaints
     division                                     II:2/15x.
Sirius Cybernetics Corporation, motto of          II:2/15.
Sirius Cybernetics marketing lobby                R:11/214.
Sirius Tau Star system                            I:17/95.
sit coms, early sixties                           I:24/124.
six-pack                                          IV:39/182.
ski-boxing                                        I:4/34.
skin from the nape of the neck                    V:6/51;8/66;15/136.
sky-gypsy                                         II:16/82.
Slartibartfast                                    I:22/118. III:4/28.
Slim's Throat Emporium                            II:16/85.
Slo-Time                                          III:14/77;25/123.
SlumpJet                                          V:7/56.
sluub, fraction of a                              A:4.
Smith, Chester                                    A:21.
Smith, Martin                                     I:13/84. R:2/48.
Smithers, Will                                    IV:6/43.
Sneng, Werdle                                     R:8/151.
snooze alarm                                      R:10/200.
'So Long, and Thanks For All The Fish'            I:23/119. IV:31/158.
soap mine                                         II:32/168.
sofa                                              R:6/114.
sofa, green leatherette                           V:24/209.
sofa, grey crushed leather                        V:6/47;10/85.
sofa, velvet paisley-covered                      III:32/143.
Soho                                              V:2/8;21/183.
Sol                                               I:3/23.
'Some More of God's Greatest Mistakes'            I:p/7. A:3. R:1/18.
Somebody Else's Problem                           III:4/26,33x;7/39;25/122.
Somerset                                          III:19/99.
somewhere else                                    V:15/130.
Song Cycles of Vassillian                         II:25/146. R:6/121.
Songs of the Long Land                            III:17/83.
Sony Walkmen                                      IV:26/139.
Soofling Dynasty                                  V:9/72.
Soolfinia                                         III:15/78.
Sorth of Bragadox                                 IV:21/117.
Soulianis                                         I:16/92. R:3/55.
South Dakota                                      V:22/197.
Southend                                          I:9/65. R:2/40.
space                                             I:8/62x. R:2/39x.
space aliens                                      V:4/29.
space battle                                      R:9/175.
space, bird-shaped                                V:17/149.
space fleet, microscopic                          A:7.
space pirates                                     I:29/140.
space-lag                                         IV:35/164.
spare ribs                                        III:21/107.
Spectrum-Bypass-O-Matic                           III:4/32.
speed of light                                    V:1/1.
sperm bank                                        V:2/22.
sperm whale                                       I:16/94;18/102. R:3/59.
splagberry sauce                                  V:13/112.
'splendid and worthwhile'                         R:1/23.
Spontaneous Para-Causal Metereological Phenomenon IV:33/161.
squirrels                                         V:16/142;17/152;18/160.
Squornshellous Beta                               IV:22/121.
'Squornshellous Swamptalk'                        III:9/45.
Squornshellous Zeta                               I:5/44. III:9/42;31/136.
SrDt 3454                                         V:12/102.
St Antwelm, Assumption of                         V:6/40.
St Crispin's Day                                  IV:20/104.
St John's Wood                                    III:2/18;19/99.
Stagyar-zil-Doggo                                 V:6/46.
staircase                                         R:7/142.
star buggy                                        II:18/107.
star goat                                         II:24/143. R:6/119.
'Star Spangled Banner'                            I:23/119. R:3/68.
'Starpox!'                                        II:2/14.
Starship Titanic                                  III:12/69.
Statue of Arthur (Agrajag's)                      III:18/92.
statue of Arthur (on Brontitall)                  R:10/194.
Stavromula Beta                                   III:18/96. V:9/80,84;
Stavro's                                          V:4/30;25/214.
steam, green sweet-smelling                       I:31/145.
Steel Pillar (of Strength and Power)              III:10/50;25/122.
steel, stainless                                  III:14/75.
stegosaurus, rib cage of                          I:27/132.
Stepney                                           IV:12/74.
stethoscope                                       II:12/67. R:11/226.
Steve and Carola                                  IV:3/16.
Stin Glacier Fields                               III:11/59.
stoat, lightly grilled                            II:3/24.
stone frog                                        IV:7/46.
stone, small                                      II:21/121.
stone, specially sharpened                        V:15/130;16/141.
Stonehenge                                        IV:18/95.
strag                                             I:3/25.
Strangulous Stilettans of Jajazikstak             III:24/120.
Strateej-O-Mat                                    V:1/6.
strawberries                                      II:30/162.
Streetmentioner, Dr Dan                           II:15/79;18/111.
Strenuous Garfighters of Stug                     III:24/120.
stress charts                                     V:21/183.
Strinder the Tool Maker                           V:13/111.
string, self-knotting                             V:16/140.
Striterax, Silastic Armorfiends of                III:24/119.
structural linguistics                            II:24/139.
Stug, Strenuous Garfighters of                    III:24/120.
stunt apples, Arcturan                            R:6/112.
sub-editors                                       V:8/62.
Sub-Etha Net                                      IV:5/28.
Sub-Etha News-Matic                               I:4/38.
sub-etha radio                                    I:12/77.
Sub-Etha Sens-O-Matic                             I:3/24. II:25/149.
sub-etha signalling device                        I:5/43.
Sub-Etha TV                                       V:15/127.
sub-ether wave band                               R:7/132.
Sulijoo                                           II:16/85.
Sumatra                                           V:23/207.
'Sun, Sand and Suffering on the Most Totally
     Evil Place in the Galaxy'                    R:8/166.
'Sund. explns.'                                   II:21/126.
Sunday afternoon                                  III:1/9.
Sunglasses, Peril Sensitive                       II:5/33.
Sunset Boulevard                                  IV:30/148.
Suntiger, Algolian                                I:2/21,22.
Supernormal Incremental Precipitation Inducer     IV:33/162.
Sushi                                             V:2/8.
suspended animation facility                      IV:35/168.
Sussex                                            III:12/68.
Swiss Cheese Plant                                IV:18/95.
Switzerland                                       IV:31/152. V:15/132;
Swulling                                          IV:5/30.
swut                                              R:10/202.
Sydney Opera House                                III:22/111.
Syneca Snowhounds                                 III:11/59.

table tennis bat                                  V:9/74.
tact                                              II:20/118. R:9/169.
take-away pizza shops                             V:9/71.
Tan-O-Matic                                       A:4.
Tau                                               II:22/129.
Taunton                                           IV:11/70;16/86.
Taurus                                            V:24/210.
Tawdry Merchandise King                           A:8.
Tawdry Merchandise-n-Such                         A:8.
tax exile                                         I:21/113.
Tchaikovsky                                       IV:28/145.
tea                                               I:16/92. R:9/178.
tea, cup of                                       II:2/16;4/30. III:32/143.
tea, in easy-to-swallow capsules                  R:9/186.
tea leaf                                          R:1/18.
tea, nice hot cup of                              I:10/69. R:2/42.
teaser                                            I:5/46x. R:1/28.
teatime of the soul, the long dark                III:1/9.
technoteachers                                    R:10/200.
Ted                                               V:21/194.
telephone company accounts department             III:2/16.
telephone number                                  I:12/81.
telephone number (God's)                          I:25/130. R:4/77.
telephone sanitizer                               II:23/133. R:6/116.
teleport device                                   III:22/116.
Teleport Systems factory, Sirius Cybernetics      II:22/128.
tempophone                                        II:20/115.
Test Match, last of the Australian Series         III:2/18.
Test Valley                                       III:12/68.
'Thank you for using BS&S'                        V:12/104.
Thatcher, Margaret                                R:1/23r.
'The Big Bang Theory - A Personal View'           II:5/31.
'The buck stops there'                            V:24/211.
The Domain of the King Bar & Grill                V:22/197.
The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy             II:5/31x. R:1/18;7/130;
The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Mk II      V:12/106.
'The other man's grass is always greener'         R:7/133.
Theory of Indeterminacy                           I:10/69.
therapy centres                                   V:9/79.
thermostatic radiator controls, Danish            IV:2/12.
Therories of Disaster Area Tax Returns            II:17/89.
thing, strange behind desk                        V:11/88.
things, local goat-like                           V:9/74.
Thinkpix                                          III:1/11.
Third Reach of the Unknown                        I:9/64.
Third Season                                      V:13/113.
'This is probably the best button to press'       I:33/156.
Thor                                              III:22/110;32/142.
Thrashbarg                                        V:13/107,113.
three-d TV                                        R:11/210.
thugs                                             V:11/89.
Thumb, Electronic                                 IV:38/178.
Thunder God                                       III:22/110;32/142.
Thundercloud Corner                               IV:16/88.
Thursday                                          I:p/6;2/23. V:15/129.
ticker tape                                       I:12/79.
Time Teleports                                    II:18/104.
time travel                                       III:17/83x.
'Time Traveller's Handbook of 1001 Tense
     Formations'                                  II:15/79.
Times Furnishing                                  R:6/114.
Times, the                                        IV:20/104.
'To Albert on his twenty-first birthday'          V:15/128.
toaster                                           V:11/89.
toenail clippings                                 V:11/90.
tombs, parties in                                 V:12/101.
tools, flying                                     IV:37/174;19/99.
toothpicks                                        IV:28/146;31/155x.
Total Perspective Vortex                          II:8/51;10/59;11/63x.
towel                                             III:22/109.
towel, Arthur's                                   III:4/24.
towel, Ford's                                     V:12/97.
towel, Ford's first                               V:12/94.
towel, lightweight throwing                       V:6/40.
towel, prehistoric                                R:8/156,158.
towel, Roosta's                                   II:7/46,8/51x. R:7/146;
towels                                            I:3/24x. IV:35/164.
toy bow and arrow                                 V:6/40.
Traal, Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of               I:3/25;5/45. II:6/36;
                                                  24/140. R:1/27;6/114;
trading scouts                                    I:20/111.
Tragula, Trin                                     II:11/64. R:8/163.
Transtellar Cruise Lines                          II:12/67.
Transtellar Spacelines                            R:11/225.
treeoids, walking                                 I:21/113. R:3/65.
triangulation                                     V:5/38.
Tri-D                                             A:1.
tri-D camera                                      I:4/35.
tri-D TV                                          V:9/73.
tri-jet scooter                                   I:29/140.
Trillian                                          I:4/37x. II:1/10.
Trillian Astra                                    V:9/72.
triple word score                                 II:33/178.
Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth  III:e/153.
tulips                                            III:20/102.
tungsten carbide                                  IV:24/130.
turlingdrome                                      R:1/31;10/202.
TV chess games                                    R:10/200.
tzjin-anthony-ks                                  II:24/138.

Ugg, Mr                                           R:6/125.
Ultimate Question Biscuits                        R:5/104.
Ultimate Question T-shirts                        R:5/104.
Ultimate Weapon                                   III:24/120.
Ultra Violent                                     III:18/92.
'Ultra-Complete Maximegalon Dictionary of Every
     Language Ever'                               III:9/44.
Ultra-Cricket, Brockian                           I:25/125. III:19/100x.
Ultracuisine                                      R:5/94.
UltraDodo, Vulcan                                 R:5/94.
ultragolf                                         II:6/36. V:6/50. R:10/195.
ultramahogany                                     I:25/126. II:16/83.
UM-Betans                                         II:5/32.
Unfiltered Perception                             V:18/168.
union regulations                                 I:1/15.
Universe, cure for                                R:11/210.
Universe, highly controversial creation of        R:12/230.
Universe, the                                     II:19/113x. R:5/101x.
Universe-weariness                                III:30/135.
University of Maximegalon                         I:21/112. II:17/89. V:1/2.
University of Maximegalon, History Department
     of the                                       V:1/2;3/27.
Unprobability Field                               II:12/71.
unsmoke, puff of                                  R:12/237.
Upper Street                                      IV:24/127.
Upper West Side                                   V:2/8.
Ursa Minor                                        I:3/24. R:1/18;7/130x.
Ursa Minor Beta                                   II:5/30x.
Ursa Minor Beta ATC                               R:7/131.
US/AM                                             V:2/9.
'Use BS&S and die!'                               V:12/104.

Valhalla                                          III:22/116.
Varlengooten, Ice Storms of                       III:24/120.
Varntvar                                          R:12/233.
Vassillian, Song Cycles of                        II:25/146. R:6/121.
vastdragons                                       V:6/45.
Vegan Rhino                                       I:31/146.
Vegan Snow Lizard                                 R:2/47.
Ventilation and Telephone Riots                   V:12/102.
Ventilation system                                R:9/179.
Venus                                             IV:9/60. V:5/38.
Versenwald, Blart III                             IV:e/190.
Vertical People Transporter                       II:6/37,41x;18/104.
Vice-President of Poffla Vigus                    V:9/72.
Vicissitus Three                                  R:6/112.
video-recorders                                   V:18/163.
Viltvodle VI                                      II:1/9. R:5/90.
Virgo                                             V:2/16.
Visigoths                                         I:3/26.
Viv                                               V:6/45.
Vl'Hurg                                           I:31/144. II:14/76.
Vod                                               III:15/78.
Vogon Constructor Fleet                           I:5/45x. R:1/25,27x.
Vogon grandmother                                 I:5/45. R:6/114.
Vogon laundromat                                  III:2/15.
Vogon poetry                                      I:7/53x. R:1/31x.
Vogon vogonblurtus                                V:24/211.
Vogonity                                          I:7/55. R:2/36.
Vogons                                            I:5/39x. II:2/11x. V:3/27.
Vogsol                                            I:5/39. R:9/171.
Vogsphere                                         I:5/39. V:24/211. R:9/171.
Volkswagen                                        III:22/110.
vollue, to                                        III:9/45.
Voojagig, Veet                                    I:21/112. R:3/65.
'voon'                                            III:9/45.
Voondoon, Holy Lunching Friars of                 III:19/98.
Vortaqua                                          A:2.
Vortvoid of Qvarne                                II:17/95. R:5/95.
Vranx, Yooden                                     I:29/140. II:3/27.
Vroomfondel                                       I:25/129. R:4/76.
Vroonday                                          V:15/126.
V-sign                                            V:12/96.
Vulcan UltraDodo                                  R:5/94.

Wabanatta 3                                       V:25/214.
waiter's bill pad                                 III:8/41.
walkmen                                           IV:26/139;38/180.
walnut                                            I:8/62.
War Commander                                     III:30/135.
warp drive                                        V:21/184.
Warwickshire                                      III:4/21.
wash, disturbances in the                         III:2/15.
washing machines                                  IV:11/72.
watch, Arthur's                                   V:15/128.
watches, digital                                  IV:p/7. I:p/6;25/125.
water bison                                       R:6/113.
waterbed                                          V:21/187.
Watson, Arcane Jill                               IV:28/145.
Watson, John                                      IV:15/85;28/145.
wave harmonic theory of historical perception     R:8/150.
Wayne                                             V:21/186.
'weeeelaaaaah!'                                   III:15/78.
Week of the Weirdos                               IV:27/140.
welfare planets                                   A:2.
'Well That About Wraps It Up For God'             I:6/50. R:1/30.
West Country                                      I:1/9.
West zone                                         II:5/30.
Westway flyover                                   IV:26/133.
whale, thoughts of                                R:3/60.
whales                                            R:10/188.
'What do you get if you multiply six by nine?'    II:33/184.
whatchamacallits                                  R:10/198;11/221.
'What's yellow and dangerous?'                    I:32/151.
wheatgerm                                         II:8/51. IV:31/159.
wheeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkrrrrunnnccccch noise           R:11/213.
wheel                                             I:32/119. II:32/172.
whelk                                             III:16/81.
'When you walk through the storm ...'             I:17/99.
'Where God Went Wrong'                            I:p/7. A:3. R:1/18.
'Where no man has trod'                           I:20/108.
'Where's the tea?'                                I:31/150.
Which? magazine                                   IV:28/146.
whiff of hydrogen, ozone and carbon monoxide      I:3/28;5/41.
whisky and soda                                   II:24/141.
white hole                                        I:15/89.
'Who is this God Person Anyway?'                  I:p/7. A:3. R:1/18.
Whole Sort of General Mish Mash                   V:3/26;17/150;22/200.
'Who's Who in Interactive Fiction Sample
     Transcripts'                                 A:24.
'Why?'                                            I:31/148.
'Why stop just when I'm enjoying it?'             II:24/145. R:6/120.
'Why stop now just when I'm hating it?'           III:31/138.
Wikkit Gate (Key)                                 III:10/49x;14/77;25/122x.
Wilcox                                            III:4/20.
Williams, Mrs                                     V:4/29.
willomy, to                                       III:9/46.
Winchester                                        III:12/68.
wine bar                                          R:10/201.
Wintwock of Stegbartle Major, Greater Drubbered   IV:26/137.
Wise Old Bird                                     R:10/197.
women, five hundred entirely naked                I:29/139.
Wonko the Sane                                    IV:15/86;28/146;
Wooden Pillar (of Nature and Spirituality)        III:10/50;25/122.
Woomera                                           I:3/24.
'wop'                                             III:4/30;9/48;11/54;
Worm Hole Disco                                   R:8/159.
wormhole                                          I:31/144. R:4/81.
Worst Dressed Sentient Being                      I:12/77. R:2/46.
Wowbagger the Infinitely Prolonged                III:1/9x;33/147.
wrist panel                                       V:15/127.
writing stick, flexible                           V:12/97.
WSOGMM                                            V:3/26;17/150;22/200.
wurf, to                                          III:9/48.

X zero zero 547                                   R:3/58.
Xanthic Re-Structon Destabilized Zenon Emitter    II:7/47. R:7/144.
Xaxis                                             IV:19/100;23/123.
Xaxisian ship                                     IV:10/64;19/99.
x's, j's and {'s                                  V:9/76.

Yaga, Cloudworlds of                              III:15/78.
yaks, mad                                         R:11/210.
Ye Olde Tawdry Merchandise Shoppe                 A:8.
'Yellow Submarine'                                V:13/113.
'You and Your Planets'                            V:2/15;21/192.
Young Conservatives from Sirius B                 II:17/96.
'Your Plastic Pal Who's Fun To Be With'           I:11/73. R:2/44.
'You're very tall'                                I:5/42. II:21/123.
Ysllodins                                         III:12/70.
Yugoslavia                                        IV:16/89.
Yvonne                                            IV:14/83.

Z, the Big                                        I:12/77. R:2/46;7/132.
Zabush sector                                     V:9/72.
Zaire                                             V:23/207.
Zamphour                                          I:2/21.
Zansellquasure Flamarion Bridge Club              R:5/95.
Zap gun                                           III:25/124.
'zark'                                            III:11/54,59;18/96;
Zarniwoop                                         II:6/35;12/70. R:7/130,
Zarquon                                           II:18/111x. R:5/101x.
'Zarquon'                                         II:6/40,43;32/172.
                                                  III:11/61. IV:5/26.
                                                  V:1/2;10/85. R:6/123;
Zarquon, Church of the Second Coming of the
     Great Prophet                                II:17/96. R:5/96.
Zarss                                             III:e/161. IV:34/163;
'Z.B.'                                            I:20/112.
zebra crossing                                    I:6/50. R:1/30.
Zem                                               III:9/43.
Zentalquabula, ancient alabastrum quarries of     V:12/100.
Zipo Bibrok 5x10^8                                III:14/75.
Zirzla robot starcruisers                         IV:19/99;23/123.
Zondostina                                        IV:10/64.
Zoofroozelchester                                 R:8/159.
'Zootlowurdlezootlewurdlezootlowurdle'            R:11/216.
Zwingler, Mr                                      V:2/23.
Zylatburger, Algolian                             R:5/94.
ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha                                I:11/71;12/78. V:7/56.

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