As a strategy consultancy, we uncover the principles that drive your success in the marketplace. Minimally-invasive, we improve them to further develop your business, people, and brains. As a digital agency, MAULCO. builds websites and executes strategies on and off the web, focusing on authentic and persuasive copy and transcultural marketing. Additionally, we speak at public and company events about how our results can benefit your people and your business.

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1. Principles and Emergence

Complex systems such as companies, marketing campaigns or teams are influenced by sets of rules and principles, with most of them deeply intertwined, hidden from plain sight, or even unknowable. Think corporate politics, hidden agendas, brains. From the complex interactions of those hidden principles, behavior emerges.

To cook water, flip the switch. To get a stronger brew, add more coffee powder or let it steep longer. That’s easy. But to successfully execute a marketing strategy, do … what? To help teams become more productive, do exactly … what?

Let’s take marketing as an example, i. e. the business of building trust so that people buy stuff. A marketing campaign produces numerous metrics, but trying to infer the exact principles that led to these results is harder than grabbing the soap in the bathtub, especially when you are part of the system.

2. Business = Systems at Work

But it’s not only the interplay of tools and technology that makes this difficult. Teams are systems of people – with individual personalities, goals and communication preferences – working together to reach common goals. The results of their work emerge from the interplay of principles that govern those systems.

Ms. Ant has no clue that she’s walking along the ant trail that emerged from the system’s collective, principles-influenced behavior. She knows that she’s going somewhere, and notices when she’s going off-track, but it’s pretty hard for her to grasp the meaning of the trail.

As soon as you are part of these systems, it is hard – I dare say impossible – to uncover the rules you really need to tweak to get to the results you need.

From the vantage point of an external agency, we help you improve your business, sales, productivity, and motivation. We …

  • … uncover the structures of your success in the marketplace,
  • streamline and improve processes and campaigns, especially in the marketing and sales divisions,
  • build better websites, campagigns and teams,
  • and improve habits.

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